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Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson, Serenity - The Calming Fairy - Rachel Anderson

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Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Garden, Webs of Dew. In Fairy Realms, Paths be Wove. Born of Needle and of Weave - this Classic Craft, Fabric of thy Verse to be:

Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Sitting on her Fairy Throne, thinking of thy Curves to Shape. One Stitch here, one Stitch there - Fabric of thy Fairy's Dress. Resting on her Fairy Seat, dreaming of thy Arcs to Weave. One Curve here, one Curve there - Pattern of thy Pillow's Realm. Lounging on her Fairy Couch, musing of thy Paths to Knit. One Row here, one Row there - Parting of thy Curtain's Gate ... Dreaming of thy Garden's Path, Walking of thy Maze to Turn. Tipping of thy Padded Feet, Purring of thy Heart to Quest. Sniffing of thy Morning Scent, Knowing of thy Path so Right. Musing on thy Stepping Stone, Resting on thy Petal's Bud. Drinking of thy Silver's Nectar, Flutter of thy Wings so Glamour. Knowing of thy Garden's Scent, Sniffing of thy Branch so Right ... What's that you say! A Fairy's Heart of Labyrinth? Well now ... Woven through this Realm of Fairy. Riddled in this Fairy's Garden. Paths be trod, a Labyrinth's Arch - a Fairy Dress, of Bluebells Song :) Knitted through this Land of Feather. Spoken in this Fairy's Dream. Paths be step, a Labyrinth's Gem - a Fairy Pillow, of Turquoise Green :) Crocheted through this Bed of Stars. Runic in this Heaven's Body. Paths be traced, a Labyrinth's Maze - a Curtain's Gate, of Galaxy Orange :) What's that you say! A Fairy's Work of Labyrinth? A Fairy's Time of Day? Well now ... Woven through this Spider's Web. Rising in this Morning Mist. Riddled in this Morning Dew. Waning in this Glowing Sun. Knitted through this Garden's Patch. Growing in this Rising Heat. Spoken in this Fairy's Tongue. Quietened in this Lunar Verse. Crocheted through this Midnight's Realm. One of Milky, one of Way. Runic in these Glowing Eyes. One of Me, one of You. One of Weave, one of Knit. One of Cast, one of Bob. One of Knot, one of Throw. Ariadne ... For it was indeed, thy Greek Goddess be-spelled her Stitch: whispered to thy Yarn, purred to Bobbin Row. In Fairy Realms of Greeks and Brides, Constellations set in Stone. In Fairy Powers of Curtain's Fold, Bobbin Lights of Spells be Cast. Ariadne ... Weaver of this Thread in Time. Caster of this Bead so Fine. Mother of this Elven Stitch. Father of this Whisker Slender. Ariadne ... For it was Foreseen, thy Greek Goddess - Stitched in Time :)

25/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US

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Serenity - The Calming Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Butterflies of this Thought, and Kingdoms of the Sleepy, what is it that you Dream, when this Fairy - nestled in these Boughs?

Serenity - The Calming Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Woodland of the Earth, in the Roots of the Trees - with the speak of the Timeless, slept Serenity. To the Curls of his Tail, in the Dress of a Fairy - with the mind of a Cat, purred Serenity. To the Troughs of this Land, in the Moors of this Realm - with the flutter of a Breeze, dreamt Serenity. In the Sleep of this Willow, with the hint of a Wisp - two Whiskers of Friend, Serenity and Purr. I feel that this artwork has a calming effect upon my soul. I suspect that this is because of it's clever use of blue - both upon this Fairy's dress, and upon the Woodland fog. The blue of the Fairy's dress is used to great effect, as it is responsible for much of the light (of this Fantasy scene). When combined with the blue of the fog, do I feel that Rachel achieves, two powerful effects. First: she creates a night-time scene (where this Fairy rests), but within the magic of a Woodland Realm - the Moors of this Fairyland! Second: she brings balance to the scene, through the suggestion of height, which allows me to focus - on this magical Fairy. I also feel, that Rachel has made use of Fairy Glamour, within two specific places. First: glamour upon this Fairy's wings, which could also simply be, a butterfly resting, upon the back of this - Woodland Queen. Second: glamour upon this Fairy's cat, whose shape seems to mirror, the path of this Fairy's dress (when flipped left to right). As such, I feel that there's a link, between the embroidery of her dress, and the whites of her cat. For it feels as though, this embroidery pulls you down, and in doing so - is it akin to Fairy Dust, where perhaps this Fairy, is something of a shape-shifting cat? If that were so, then the blacks of this cat, are used to suggest, further connections - both in terms of shading, and in terms of balance. For example, if we take the black of this Fairy's eyelids, together with the black of her butterfly wings - then not only is the shading the same (blurred around the edges), but it is used to create a balanced group of three (that appears to be at the same level in the artwork). What of the colour magenta? Well ... I find it interesting, that it is used in two specific places - towards the top of the butterfly wings (in darker tones), and towards the front of this Fairy's hair (in paler tones). As the shading of this Fairy's hair, spins you down - so do I detect, the faintness of magenta, upon the lower-half of this artwork (especially on the bottom left). As such, I feel that the colour magenta, has been used to suggest the existence of a second light source! If that were so, then it's a light source - that seems at home, within the Moors of this Fairy Realm. What of the finer details? Well ... This Fairy's skin, is refined through the inclusion of a necklace, and two bracelets. In Paths of Two, I feel that these necklaces, are akin to - Paths of Power. The glitter upon these necklaces, matches the embroidery upon her dress, which in turn - casts Fairy Dust upon this scene of Fairyland! Overall: an adventurous theme was chosen for this Fairy and her Cat. It's one of Peace - and of Rest. It's one of Sleep - and of Snore. It's one of Magic - and of Dream. Running through the Woods this night, dreaming of a Path to take, the bobbing of the Light this night. The flutter of my Wings this night, the breezing of the Windless flight, the guiding of the Light this night. The bending of a Bough this night, the rising of a Light so bright, Will-o'-the-wisps guide this night - Serenity, and much delight.

17/09/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Fairyland

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