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Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson, Fairyland, Lavender Moon - Rachel Anderson, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, Titania - Queen of Fairies - Rachel Anderson

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Lavender Moon - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Garden, Purple Haze. In Fairy Flower, Purple Scent. Born of Flutter and of Bee - this Lavender's Flower, Petals of thy Bloom to be:

Lavender Moon - Rachel Anderson

Have you ever wondered where it is, that all those Butterflies flutter from? Or of all the Colours in your Garden, when you sit upon the Lawn this Eve? Some might say it's in your Dreams. Some might say it's in your Stance. Yet I would say, Flutter Sky - thy Purple Heart, a Lavender Moon! In Paths of Power, Purple Rain. In Stepping Stone, Purple Wing. In Shimmer Flow, Purple Tint. In Crescent Shape, Purple Queen. In Guiding Light, Purple Path. In Moonlight Realm, Fairy Form :) Dreaming of thy Garden's Bed, Flutters of thy Seed to Bloom. Flying of thy Garden's Realm, Nectars of thy Plant to Drink. Musing on thy Garden's Shape, Whispers of thy Wind to Ride. Tilting of thy Garden's Seat, Essence of thy Bloom to Feed. Thinking of thy Garden's Path, Knowing of thy Runes to Take. Resting on thy Garden's Leaf, Drinking of thy Stem to Bud :) For in Fairy Lore, there was a Place - born of Adam, and of Eve! This Fairy Realm, called Lavender. This Fairy Place, called Moon. The Crescent of a Fairy Throne. The Powering of a Faerie Light. The Shaping of a Fairy Tongue. The Pulling of a Fairy Glow. The Curving of a Fairy Arch. The Guiding of a Fairy Bright ... For in Fairy Lore, there was a Place - born of Cosmos, and of Sky! This Fairy Realm, called Purple Royal. This Fairy Place, called Whitened Snow. The Shimmer of a Fairy Paint. The Sparkle of a Fairy Dust. The Tonal of a Fairy Wash. The Twinkle of a Fairy Star. The Shading of a Fairy Verse. The Glimmer of a Fairy Spark ... For in Garden Lore, there was a Fairy - born of Butter, and of Fly! This Garden's Place, called Fairy House. This Fairy Name, called Lavender. The Foundries of a Garden Faerie. The Forges of a Garden Smith. The Pruning of a Garden Queen. The Clipping of a Garden King. The Glamour of a Garden Reign. The Shaping of a Garden Prince ... For in Garden Lore, there was a Pixie - born of Sunlight, and of Moon! You can find her in the Lilacs. You can find her in the Violets. You can find her in the Orchids. You can find her in the Petals. You can find her in the Stems. You can find her in the Roots. Where would that be then? Two Stars right, one to the left, pass Multi-coloured Cloud, under Bobbing Time - and with a Flutter and Beat, came this Butterfly, to Lavender Moon :)

26/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US

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Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Garden, Webs of Dew. In Fairy Realms, Paths be Wove. Born of Needle and of Weave - this Classic Craft, Fabric of thy Verse to be:

Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Sitting on her Fairy Throne, thinking of thy Curves to Shape. One Stitch here, one Stitch there - Fabric of thy Fairy's Dress. Resting on her Fairy Seat, dreaming of thy Arcs to Weave. One Curve here, one Curve there - Pattern of thy Pillow's Realm. Lounging on her Fairy Couch, musing of thy Paths to Knit. One Row here, one Row there - Parting of thy Curtain's Gate ... Dreaming of thy Garden's Path, Walking of thy Maze to Turn. Tipping of thy Padded Feet, Purring of thy Heart to Quest. Sniffing of thy Morning Scent, Knowing of thy Path so Right. Musing on thy Stepping Stone, Resting on thy Petal's Bud. Drinking of thy Silver's Nectar, Flutter of thy Wings so Glamour. Knowing of thy Garden's Scent, Sniffing of thy Branch so Right ... What's that you say! A Fairy's Heart of Labyrinth? Well now ... Woven through this Realm of Fairy. Riddled in this Fairy's Garden. Paths be trod, a Labyrinth's Arch - a Fairy Dress, of Bluebells Song :) Knitted through this Land of Feather. Spoken in this Fairy's Dream. Paths be step, a Labyrinth's Gem - a Fairy Pillow, of Turquoise Green :) Crocheted through this Bed of Stars. Runic in this Heaven's Body. Paths be traced, a Labyrinth's Maze - a Curtain's Gate, of Galaxy Orange :) What's that you say! A Fairy's Work of Labyrinth? A Fairy's Time of Day? Well now ... Woven through this Spider's Web. Rising in this Morning Mist. Riddled in this Morning Dew. Waning in this Glowing Sun. Knitted through this Garden's Patch. Growing in this Rising Heat. Spoken in this Fairy's Tongue. Quietened in this Lunar Verse. Crocheted through this Midnight's Realm. One of Milky, one of Way. Runic in these Glowing Eyes. One of Me, one of You. One of Weave, one of Knit. One of Cast, one of Bob. One of Knot, one of Throw. Ariadne ... For it was indeed, thy Greek Goddess be-spelled her Stitch: whispered to thy Yarn, purred to Bobbin Row. In Fairy Realms of Greeks and Brides, Constellations set in Stone. In Fairy Powers of Curtain's Fold, Bobbin Lights of Spells be Cast. Ariadne ... Weaver of this Thread in Time. Caster of this Bead so Fine. Mother of this Elven Stitch. Father of this Whisker Slender. Ariadne ... For it was Foreseen, thy Greek Goddess - Stitched in Time :)

25/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US

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Titania - Queen of Fairies - Rachel Anderson

Fairy Glamour robes of Fine. Fairy Glamour masks of Flower. Born of Drama and of Moonlight - this Lavender Fairy, donned Mask of Fairy Queen:

Titania - Queen of Fairies - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Realms of Garden Throne. In Fairy Paths of Lilac Flower. A Posing Fairy came to me - in Midnight Realms of Purple Pink. She spoke of Fairy, twist of Precious. She spoke of Faerie, hint of Gentle. In Fairy Dreams of Lilac Bud. In Fairy Ways of Fuchsia Pink. A Dancing Fairy came to me - in Moonlit Realms of Silver Light. She mused of Beauty, twist of Passion. She mused of Nature, hint of Cherished. In Fairy Homes of Midnight's Bright. In Fairy Runes of Silver Glyph. A Guiding Fairy came to me - in Cosmic Realms of Heaven's Body. She shone of Ethereal, twist of Power. She shone of River, hint of Way. This Fairy Portal - of Midsummer Night's Dream! Where did the Portal lead? To Fairyland of course :) Titania's Palace and her, Masquerade Ball ... There be Dancing Fairies, with Light of Foot. There be Singing Fairies, with Choirs of Bird. There be Hover Fairies, with Sweet of Nectar. There be Skipping Fairies, with Pots of Gold. There be Flying Fairies, with Scent of Pollen. There be Swimming Fairies, with Fountains of Fun. For at Titania's Masquerade Ball, can you find the Fairest of the Fairy Folk :) There be Flower Fairies and Animal Fairies. There be Glitter Fairies and Element Fairies. There be Dream Fairies and Wedding Fairies. For at Titania's Masquerade Ball, can you find both Fairy Verse, and Fairy Rhyme. As it is, with the Writings of this Silver Pen - the Fairy Glyphs, revealed in Moonlight. What did they say? With Curves in Shape and Precious Eye - Titania, Queen of Fairyland. With Wings in Pair and Flutter Wink - Titania, Madam Butterfly. With Chains in Hold and Snowdrop Gem - Titania, Heaven's Scent. With Foils in Purple and Whitened Cheeks - Titania, Fairy's Glamour. With Flowing Hair and Darkened Eye - Titania, Fairy's Lore. With Spells in Cosmic and Guiding Light - Titania, Will-o'-the-wisp. Hows that you say? With Flutter Wing and Flutter By, these Guiding Lights spoke to me - of Fairy Portal. With Hover There and Wait for Me, these Bobbing Lights called to me - of Fairy Door. With White of Wing and Glowing There, these Butterflies flew to me - an Invite to a Ball! So it was indeed, with one step forward I came to be - at Titania's Palace and her, Masquerade Ball :)

05/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Fairyland

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Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast

The Tinkering of an Animal Fairy, with the Mystery of Something Gruff:

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast - this films something of a Tear Jerker!

Within the Realms of Pixie Hollow, lives an Animal Fairy: who goes by the name of Fawn. A friend of Tinker Bells, with a Heart of Gold, and a scatty personality - that sees her caring, for ALL the Woodland Critters (even a baby Hawk). Yet Fawn's Heart, at logger-heads with her Head, sees her test the patience, of both Queen Clarion, and her Scout Fairy protector (called Nyx). Akin to Tinker Bell, is Fawn unable to resist, the mystery of a Forest Growl. Thus, do the adventures of Fawn begin! I like the fact that this film's storyline, revolves around a single (main) theme: that it's best not to judge a book by it's cover. At first, does the NeverBeast - scare Fawn. At second, does the NeverBeast - scare me! (as he lives within some darkened woods). But with persistence, does Fawn - learn more about the NeverBeast, as she seeks to earn his trust. My three favourite comedy scenes are: when Fawn first meets the NeverBeast (as she plays dead, then freezes, then LOOKS BIG - all with a twist of scatty), when Fawn does her Monkey impression (I almost fell off my seat - especially with the irony of Nyx's stern face), and when Fawn's dressed in Fur (to catch the attention of the NeverBeast - as this seems more befitting of Rosetta!). I initially found it odd, that this film focused primarily on Fawn - yet after watching several times, I have found myself impressed by this approach: as Fawn is the only Fairy, that could have befriended the NeverBeast! Even accounting for the fact, that it's Fawn that removes the thorn from the NeverBeast's paw - I feel that the magic of the storyline, stems from the bond, that's found between Fawn and the NeverBeast: as she's his friend! Whilst I understand where Nyx (the Scout Fairy) is coming from, I feel that her character, could have been more investigative (like Fawn's) - as opposed to being tunnel-visioned: just out to get the NeverBeast. Overall: a film that's less about Tinker Bell (although she's still in it), that's more about Fawn (who holds the film - being just as scatty as Tinker Bell), that's entwined with mystery (green clouds, comets plus stars, and the building of four towers), that's also able to bury-down-deep within your emotions, and make you cry (as this films something of a Tear Jerker - especially at the end, when the Fairies of Pixie Hollow, have to say goodbye to the NeverBeast, their friend).

04/01/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: The NeverBeast (Official Trailer)

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Within Fairy Tales and Make Believe have Fairies built their Kingdoms ... With the Fairies in brown, came the Bark of the Trees. With the Fairies in green, came the Leaves of the Grass. With the Fairies in yellow, came the Flowers of the Plants. With the Fairies in white, came the Lights of the Forest. With the Fairies in Dress, came the Queens of this Land:

Fairyland - with a Fairy Queen kneeling within the Woods - with Buttercup Fairies flying around her.

Have you ever wondered what is that you feel - when you step inside a Wood? Some might say that is but your Imagination ... Others might say that they see no change at all. Yet I might say, that you have travelled to a Magical Place, where it feels as though the Woods are watching you ... Where it feels as though your in Another Realm - where your not quite alone ... Perhaps indeed, you may find yourself, at where the Fairies built their Oldest Kingdom: the Woodland Realms of Fairyland! For in Fantasy Books and Fantasy Films, did the Seeds of Fairyland take hold. It's where Frodo met Old Man Willow. It's where Tom Bombadil saved the day. It's a Musical Realm - where not all play the Pipers Flute ... There be Buttercups and Bluebells. There be Daffodils and Marigolds. There be Lilacs and Violets. For within Fairyland, do the Fairies grow their Glamorous Plants! It's a Travellers Realm - where not all play the Jesters Prank ... There be Paths of Lost and Paths to Find. There be Trees in Hollow and Trees so Tall. There be Water so Still and Water so Flowing. For within Fairyland, are the Fairies a one with Nature! Yet, what of Fairy Music? With a knock upon a Door, do the Garden Fairies - dance in Tune. With a kneel upon the Grass, do the Flower Fairies - fly in Rhythm. With a gaze upon a Lake, do the Water Fairies - rain in Time. Yet, what of Fairies that live within the Realms of Fantasy Books? Well ... When you read upon a Book, does each page - Flap upon the Wind! For when your books finished for the night - does a Fairy, fly home to Fairyland. It may seem a Journey too Long, but to the mind of a Fairy - it is but a Dream! Yet, what of Fairies that love to Tinker? Fear not I say ... There's a Castle in the Woods so Near. There's a Drawbridge in the Woods so Far. There's a Swan Ship in the Rivers so Stream. For within Fairyland, lay the Roots of Invention and the Trunks of Construction! Yet, what's that you say? What of Fairy Portals? Well ... There be Fairy Arches and Fairy Mazes. There be Fairy Toadstools and Fairy Rings. There be Fairy Dreams and Fairy Games. For within Fairyland, do all Paths lead - to Fairy Tree! Some may say it's in your Heart. Some may say it's all around You. Some might say that there is no such Place. But ask a Fairy what she thinks of that! For she will know where the Fairy Tree is ... It's at the Bottom of a Garden. It's at the End of Stepping Stones. It's in the Oaken Owl Home. It's at the Bottom of a Lake. It's in the Start of Climbing High. It's in the Pebbles that form a Mountain. Where's that you say? To which I would reply: Three Stars left, and one to the right, along multi-coloured Rainbow, under the Water Fall, past Sunken Boat and with a Hop, Skip and Jump, in Fairyland shall you be!

04/06/2015 | Victorian Hawk

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