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Within Fairy Tales and Make Believe have Fairies built their Kingdoms ... With the Fairies in brown, came the Bark of the Trees. With the Fairies in green, came the Leaves of the Grass. With the Fairies in yellow, came the Flowers of the Plants. With the Fairies in white, came the Lights of the Forest. With the Fairies in Dress, came the Queens of this Land:

Fairyland - with a Fairy Queen kneeling within the Woods - with Buttercup Fairies flying around her.

Have you ever wondered what is that you feel - when you step inside a Wood? Some might say that is but your Imagination ... Others might say that they see no change at all. Yet I might say, that you have travelled to a Magical Place, where it feels as though the Woods are watching you ... Where it feels as though your in Another Realm - where your not quite alone ... Perhaps indeed, you may find yourself, at where the Fairies built their Oldest Kingdom: the Woodland Realms of Fairyland! For in Fantasy Books and Fantasy Films, did the Seeds of Fairyland take hold. It's where Frodo met Old Man Willow. It's where Tom Bombadil saved the day. It's a Musical Realm - where not all play the Pipers Flute ... There be Buttercups and Bluebells. There be Daffodils and Marigolds. There be Lilacs and Violets. For within Fairyland, do the Fairies grow their Glamorous Plants! It's a Travellers Realm - where not all play the Jesters Prank ... There be Paths of Lost and Paths to Find. There be Trees in Hollow and Trees so Tall. There be Water so Still and Water so Flowing. For within Fairyland, are the Fairies a one with Nature! Yet, what of Fairy Music? With a knock upon a Door, do the Garden Fairies - dance in Tune. With a kneel upon the Grass, do the Flower Fairies - fly in Rhythm. With a gaze upon a Lake, do the Water Fairies - rain in Time. Yet, what of Fairies that live within the Realms of Fantasy Books? Well ... When you read upon a Book, does each page - Flap upon the Wind! For when your books finished for the night - does a Fairy, fly home to Fairyland. It may seem a Journey too Long, but to the mind of a Fairy - it is but a Dream! Yet, what of Fairies that love to Tinker? Fear not I say ... There's a Castle in the Woods so Near. There's a Drawbridge in the Woods so Far. There's a Swan Ship in the Rivers so Stream. For within Fairyland, lay the Roots of Invention and the Trunks of Construction! Yet, what's that you say? What of Fairy Portals? Well ... There be Fairy Arches and Fairy Mazes. There be Fairy Toadstools and Fairy Rings. There be Fairy Dreams and Fairy Games. For within Fairyland, do all Paths lead - to Fairy Tree! Some may say it's in your Heart. Some may say it's all around You. Some might say that there is no such Place. But ask a Fairy what she thinks of that! For she will know where the Fairy Tree is ... It's at the Bottom of a Garden. It's at the End of Stepping Stones. It's in the Oaken Owl Home. It's at the Bottom of a Lake. It's in the Start of Climbing High. It's in the Pebbles that form a Mountain. Where's that you say? To which I would reply: Three Stars left, and one to the right, along multi-coloured Rainbow, under the Water Fall, past Sunken Boat and with a Hop, Skip and Jump, in Fairyland shall you be!

04/06/2015 | Victorian Hawk

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The Fairy Bible

When it comes to finding out about Fairies, this is my favourite book to read:

The Fairy Bible

I like the approach that this book takes when categorising fairies - as it splits them based upon elements (water, air, fire and earth) together with locations (house/hearth, flower and tree). I like the fact that this book takes an in-depth look at the Realms of the Fairies. For example, I enjoyed reading about the Fairy Cities that are believed to be associated with each of the elements: with my favourite cities/descriptions being for the City of Air (Gorias) and the City of Earth (Falias). The book also considers normal aspects of everyday life (with regard to fairies), such as: food and drink (especially if it's found), clothes (including colour meanings) and music/language (whereby fairy music may help to inspire human music, songs and poems). This book has also answered an important question for me: I've often encountered Fairy Rings (when I've been out on my travels), but it wasn't until I read this book that I'd considered the possibility that this is simply where fairies love to dance! I'm not so keen on the idea that some people have disappeared within Fairy Rings (even if that was just a tale). Three fairy entries I enjoyed reading are: Ningyo (a Japanese Water Fairy - who can take the form of a turtle), The Gwargedd Annwn (a Welsh Water Fairy - who has links with King Arthur) and The Green Man (the face you may see in the bark of a tree - or the leaves of a shrub). Overall: this is a very good book that provides a tonne of information on fairies, which has also been, lovingly illustrated. The book also suggests ways in which you could become closer to fairies (if you wish): through meditation, the casting of a spell, and/or the celebration/marking of a Fairy Festival (such as Beltane).

31/10/2014 | Victorian Hawk

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