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Lavender Moon - Rachel Anderson

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Lavender Moon - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Garden, Purple Haze. In Fairy Flower, Purple Scent. Born of Flutter and of Bee - this Lavender's Flower, Petals of thy Bloom to be:

Lavender Moon - Rachel Anderson

Have you ever wondered where it is, that all those Butterflies flutter from? Or of all the Colours in your Garden, when you sit upon the Lawn this Eve? Some might say it's in your Dreams. Some might say it's in your Stance. Yet I would say, Flutter Sky - thy Purple Heart, a Lavender Moon! In Paths of Power, Purple Rain. In Stepping Stone, Purple Wing. In Shimmer Flow, Purple Tint. In Crescent Shape, Purple Queen. In Guiding Light, Purple Path. In Moonlight Realm, Fairy Form :) Dreaming of thy Garden's Bed, Flutters of thy Seed to Bloom. Flying of thy Garden's Realm, Nectars of thy Plant to Drink. Musing on thy Garden's Shape, Whispers of thy Wind to Ride. Tilting of thy Garden's Seat, Essence of thy Bloom to Feed. Thinking of thy Garden's Path, Knowing of thy Runes to Take. Resting on thy Garden's Leaf, Drinking of thy Stem to Bud :) For in Fairy Lore, there was a Place - born of Adam, and of Eve! This Fairy Realm, called Lavender. This Fairy Place, called Moon. The Crescent of a Fairy Throne. The Powering of a Faerie Light. The Shaping of a Fairy Tongue. The Pulling of a Fairy Glow. The Curving of a Fairy Arch. The Guiding of a Fairy Bright ... For in Fairy Lore, there was a Place - born of Cosmos, and of Sky! This Fairy Realm, called Purple Royal. This Fairy Place, called Whitened Snow. The Shimmer of a Fairy Paint. The Sparkle of a Fairy Dust. The Tonal of a Fairy Wash. The Twinkle of a Fairy Star. The Shading of a Fairy Verse. The Glimmer of a Fairy Spark ... For in Garden Lore, there was a Fairy - born of Butter, and of Fly! This Garden's Place, called Fairy House. This Fairy Name, called Lavender. The Foundries of a Garden Faerie. The Forges of a Garden Smith. The Pruning of a Garden Queen. The Clipping of a Garden King. The Glamour of a Garden Reign. The Shaping of a Garden Prince ... For in Garden Lore, there was a Pixie - born of Sunlight, and of Moon! You can find her in the Lilacs. You can find her in the Violets. You can find her in the Orchids. You can find her in the Petals. You can find her in the Stems. You can find her in the Roots. Where would that be then? Two Stars right, one to the left, pass Multi-coloured Cloud, under Bobbing Time - and with a Flutter and Beat, came this Butterfly, to Lavender Moon :)

26/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US

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