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Astraea - The Starlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson, Guilty Pleasures - Anita Blake - Laurell K Hamilton, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, Sad Angel - Gothic Angel - Dark Angel

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

First and Foremost, this really is one of the most Peculiar (and best) Fantasy Films, that I have ever seen! It's Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children:

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Dark Fantasy Film

For the first third of the film, did I find the storyline both somewhat odd, and slow to get going - as I wondered to myself, exactly what is going on? For the second third of the film, did I find the storyline both somewhat spooky, and perhaps even scary - as I watched it in the dark, with the wind howling out! Yet was I blown away, by the final third of the film's storyline - through both a draw-dropping character twist (twice I fell for their Fairy Glamour), and some sitting on the edge of my seat, as I'd realised that this Fantasy Film, is in-fact mesmerising :) I simply could not believe, how everything just fell into place, and the film's main Fantasy Character (Jake), is suddenly revealed as a Peculiar himself - whose both powerful and commanding, with an important task to perform: he has to help protect/guard, the other Peculiar Children, when they are attacked by Monsters (from the Darker side of Fantasy). What of the Peculiar Children - the film's main Fantasy Characters? Well ... I liked the fact, that they all seemed to have, a particular Magical trait :) My favourite is Emma, whose Lighter than Air - with the ability to fly, and wield/command, the Element of Air. Next is there Enoch, whose Meaner than Most - with the ability to animate, and wield/command, the Puppets he Makes. Then is there Olive, whose Redder than Furnace - with the ability to heat, and wield/command, the Element of Fire. Next is there Bronwyn, whose Stronger than All - with the ability to move, and wield/command, the Element of Might. Then is there sssssshhhhhh, that would be Telling :) For I found the Peculiar Children, to be a Happy Family, that care for each other - and who are themselves, overseen by none-other, than Miss Peregrine herself! And what of Miss Peregrine? Well ... She's the strangest of all :) A shape shifting Peregrine, who has the ability to control Time - albeit a Loop, a Bubble in Time! I especially liked the fact, that her Fantasy Character, comes across as somewhat eccentric: everything's Ship Shape, Timed to the Second - with just a Twist of Spontaneity :) Yet when faced with the Creatures of Darker Fantasy (here called Hollowgasts), are Miss Peregrine's thoughts - just for the safety of her, Peculiar Children. What of this film's Fantasy Locations/Realms? Well ... The first fantasy location, is really the Children's Home itself. It exists out of time (being 1943), and is full of the Fun and Games of the Children (especially in it's Gardens). Emma helps a baby Squirrel - Football for Bee. Bronwyn pulls a mighty Carrot - Tailor for Tree. Yet in stark contrast, does the Children's Home, also appear to be derelict (when Jake first encounters it) - seeming to me, as though it's haunted by ghosts. The second such fantasy location (and my personal favourite), is the Sunken Liner/Ship, that is Emma's secret hiding/thinking place (where she goes for some quite time). I just loved the appearance of the Grand Stairway (leading to the Skeleton dining tables), and the Magical Realm that appears, when Emma commands the Element of Air :) It is also here, that I found my favourite Fantasy Scene (within this film) - as both Emma and the Peculiar Children, raise the Liner from the seabed :) I especially liked the parts, where Emma breaths Air (to expel water from the ship), and Olive wields Fire (to relight the ship's boilers). In turn, does this fantasy location of the Liner, connect with the third: Blackpool Pier. And it is at the Pier, that the final fight between the Peculiar Children, and the Darker Fantasy Creatures (the Hollowgasts), actually occurs: Enoch commands an army of Skeleton Warriors, to combat the Hollowgasts :) Added to this, is the brilliance of the plan by Jake, who solves the challenge of the Hollowgasts being invisible (to all but him), with a childhood solution: snowballs and candy! Even so, did I find the showdown between Jake and Mr Barron (the Darker Fantasy King/Hero), to be steeped in Fairy Glamour - aka who's who? Then did I find more Fairy Glamour, as I found it somewhat ironic, that the Time Loop (that they were fighting in), just-so-happens to be in/outside the Pier's Ghost Train (which for me, looped back to the concept of the derelict Children's Home). Overall: this is a Fantasy Film, whose storyline gets better as it goes through (I feel deliberately). It's also a Fantasy Film, that makes more sense - after you've watched it a couple of times (especially with regard to the Time Loops). I also feel that the storyline, merges several genres/areas of Fantasy ... For I found something of the Mermaid (the Sunken Liner), mixed with something of the Fairy (Air Fairy, Fire Fairy, Garden Fairy etc.), mixed with something of the Mythical (the Powers of a Troll - or in this case, Twins), mixed with something of the Ghostly (the various glimpses of the Peculiar Children, especially in black and white photos). And at the end of the Day? Miss Peregrine winds away :) Or is that flies away? Only Emma can tell you :)

21/03/2017 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Official Trailer

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Sad Angel - Gothic Angel - Dark Angel

In the Boughs of these Trees, in the Lights of this Forest - with the Twists of a Vine, and the Guise of an Angel:

Sad Angel - Gothic Angel - Dark Angel

I like the fact that this Angel, is entwined with both mystery, and the darker side of Fantasy. The mystery comes from this Angel's attire ... Her feathered wings make me think, of the caring nature, of a Guardian Angel. Yet, that draping cloth (at the middle/back of her wings), makes me think of both a Battle Angel (the cloth's symbol, which reminds me of a Medieval Battle Standard), and of an Angel, that has Lost her Wings (possibly having, removed them herself!). There's also further evidence, of the latter of these - as it's as though this Angel's Wings, are both chained and weighted down: how could she possibly fly, with those large banded/attached jewels, on the apex of each wing? The darker side of Fantasy, comes from this Angel's interaction, with the background ... As I feel that these Woods, are not a friendly place! This feeling comes from, the creeping fingers of the Trees branches (which are jagged around their edges) - whereby if I look too long, start to send a shiver down my spine! Which in-turn, is further refined, by the darkness of this Angel's face - both the Glyphs, and her Tears of Black. Yet here, does the darkness play right back into mystery - as it's hard to say, exactly why, this Angel is so sorrowful ... There's no immediate clues, and it was only with a careful eye, that I first noticed - those falling feathers (bottom-left, under her wings). Thus, did I start to think, of the concept of a Fallen Angel. But, whether this Fallen Angel is her, or a companion Angel (possibly her lover), I cannot say for sure. And it is in attempting to answer this question, that I feel that Steve - fuels the mystery of his artwork ... It's a mystery, whose rising heat, is also further fuelled - through Steve's choice of background: as it's a background, that I would not expect, a Guardian Angel, to be found within. But it is a background, that I would expect, an Angel of the Damned, to be found within. And yet here, do I find a twist - for this background's white, seems as though, it's a Guiding Light. Yet given the fact, that this Angel, is in-front of this light - does she not in-fact, bar your way? And in doing so, would that not meet, the definition - of a Guardian Angel? If that were so, then I feel that this Angel's Wings, have been shaped to be - as if they are a Shield. For they guard against the creeping fingers of the Woods: the outermost topmost curve of her wings, reflect the shape of the white light's halo (especially towards the canopy of the trees). Thus, do I feel that this Angel, wants some time away from the World - and in doing so, perhaps she chose a place, where she would be least likely, to be disturbed? But then again, do I find that this Angel, is also in the Realms of Fairy Glamour ... For perhaps this Secluded Cove, that she chose - is the inner Kingdoms, of a Broken Heart? Which would indeed, explain the presence of a Garden Swing - as her sorrow varies, with the ride each Day, from Day to Night! What of Steve's choice of artist techniques? Well ... I think it's most important, that we consider - his use of lighting. I speak of the light, that's on both the Angel's Dress, and the Angel's Wings/Feathers. Now, I feel that this light, does not come from the background: for the angle of the light, especially upon the Angel's Dress - makes me think of a Spotlight! And if that were so, does this Spotlight, play right back into, this Broken Heart theme - where this Angel's sorrow, far outweighs the common sense, of everything else! But here, do I find that Steve's decision, to include a large Silver Runic Glyph (top left) - helps point the way back ... For it's Sharp like a Sword. It knows what it Wants - to bring both Clarity, and Balance to the Scene. Whilst it's Central Pattern - reminds of me of that Battle Standard :) Which in turn, gives Seed to a new Idea: Grow up (her reaching right arm), and Move on (the Guiding Light). Overall: A Gothic Angel, whose Fairy Glamour, becomes entwined - with the Paths of the Heart. A Dark Angel, who Fell from somewhere High, but with a Riddle of Thought - Rises straight, for a New Chapter. For she's a Sad Angel, who Sits on the Swing of Romance - in the Hearts of the Wood.

14/07/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Sad Angel | About Angels

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Guilty Pleasures - Anita Blake - Laurell K Hamilton

When it comes to a Fantasy Novel, that combines both Dark Fantasy (Vampires) and Urban Fantasy (Hidden Realms within a Modern City), then you really can't go far wrong - with Anita Blake and her Guilty Pleasures:

Guilty Pleasures - Anita Blake - Laurell K Hamilton - Dark Fantasy

This Vampire Hunter Novel, holds a special place within my heart - as it's the first such tale/story, that I ever read :) Having been used to reading Sword and Planet Fantasies, I found this book/author a little different at first - as Laurell appears to be a fan of few pages to a chapter, but many chapters in a tale (which was totally different to what I was used to). Fortunately, I soon connected with Anita - and was glad that I did, as there's several parts about this novel, that I really like. First: Anita is not your typical Vampire Hunter ... She's only five feet tall, has an addiction to coffee (yuck!), has a strange sense of humour (only laughing at her own jokes), sees Vampire Hunting as her non-primary job (at least initially), and collects fluffy toy Penguins (which really made me laugh!). It was here that I fell for Anita's Character :) Second: Anita knows just what it's like, to have to juggle multiple jobs at once ... First and Foremost, Anita is an Animator (as in she raises the Dead for a living). But she's also the Spook Squad's supernatural advisor (being called in on Undead Cases), and a Vampire Hunter - which in this tale, starts to take precedence, as it usually keeps her up till 3 am or so! As such, Anita knows just what it's like, to have hardly any social life, an even crappier dating life - and a dozen pure white, long stemmed Roses, from a Vampire she doesn't want to date (even if she's attracted to him!). It was here that I started to feel that I knew Anita :) Third: Anita just seems to be like so many of us ... Up to her neck in challenges, that come looking for her, whether she wants them to or not! In the case of one Vampire (Valentine), that's very strongly a not - but with her Trusty Stake, or is that her Shotgun? Anita goes looking for the things that scare her :) Thank goodness for Sigmund - her favourite toy Penguin! It was here that I connected with Anita's sense of humour. Fourth: The shear amount of Dark Fantasy Creatures that Anita encounters ... There's Vampires and Ghouls, there's Werewolves and Were-Rats. There's two Master Vampires, contrasted so different - one Coffin one Rule, One Marker, one Scary. One is Jean-Claude. One is just Wrong! And it is this Master Vampire, donned Nikolaos - that both Anita and I, fear to encounter. For the character of Nikolaos, sends a shiver down my spine! She does worse to Anita, which I found slightly ironic - as just possibly, both have a sense of humour - that's akin to each other? In any case, I loved the interactions between Anita and Nikolaos. It was here that I learned more about Vampire Society (such as Fantasy Vampire Powers, and the concept of a Human Servant). Fifth: the fact that Anita is still a woman ... She can't decide what she wants to wear, gets cravings for both coffee and food (although there's a twist to the latter), fancies the wrong guy (even if he does have a fit body!) and often fails to take her own advice - even when she made it up :) Overall: I found this Fantasy Novel, a great introduction to the Realms of Vampire Hunting - that's also different, to other Dark/Urban Fantasy (like Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I found Anita's character to be both engaging and likeable (especially her sense of humour). If there's one part of this tale that I don't like/find odd - then it's the Fantasy Character called Edward. He's a Vampire/Bounty Hunter, who Anita builds up to be - Death on Two Legs. Yet, when it comes to several encounters in the storyline, Edward is the first to behave like a scaredy-cat - where as Anita is doing what she loves best, seeking out the things she fears, and sticking a Stake (or a Sword!) through them :)

17/06/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: | About Laurell K Hamilton

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Astraea - The Starlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Butterflies in Flight, with Arcs of the Solar, what is it that you Dream, when I sit upon - this Altar?

Astraea - The Starlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Flowers of this Space, in the Shape of the Heavens - with the allure of a Star, sat Astraea. To the Gems of the Stellar, in the Curves of this Time - with the dazzle of a Sun, mused Astraea. To the Fabric of the Cosmos, in the Paths of the Goddess - with the sorrow of the Endless, flew Astraea. In the Celestial of the Fairy, with the hint of a Drape - two Constellations in Love, Virgo and Astraea. My spirit was inspired by the intricacies of this artwork ... Both in terms of pattern, and in terms of Rachel's choice of colour. I feel that my eyes are drawn to it's dominate use of turquoise - especially upon the Fairy's ruffled skirt. I also feel that my eyes are drawn to the large Gemstone - at the base of the altar. With a closer look, do you notice the third use of turquoise - upon the cloudy wisps of the Cosmos, and it's Interstellar blending. When these three uses of turquoise, are taken together, I feel that this Fairy embodies the concept of protection. When mixed with the sorrow that's present upon her face, it feels as though this Fairy, carries the Weight of the World upon her shoulders. This concept is further implied, by the resemblance of a sphere (aka the Earth) upon an altar - which plays right into the Realms of Fairy Glamour. It is here that I realised, that the artwork's Starry background, is unusual - as it's full of complex shapes ... The background's magic, comes from the fact, that it does not distract from the details of the Fairy (which would have been the case, if it was continued to the bottom of the image - as opposed to fading out). I feel that these shapes, represent the Fabric of the Universe - that of Space Time, and of the Complexity of Life on Earth. I suspect that Astraea, looks somewhat sorrowful - because she feels that these shapes (aka links) are breaking down. Thus, it can be inferred, that Astraea is akin to a Guardian Angel - only here is her role, to guard the Earth and it's People. And yet, I feel not all is despair - for it seems that Astraea, sparks hope anew ... It's in the Luminescence of the Butterflies - that trail from her Arm. It's in the Sparks of the Life - that arc from her Wings. It's in the contrasting colour of her Hair - the passion of the Stars in this Night of Flowers. With thoughts of Lavender, I speak in Lilac - the delicate of Fairy, and precious of Nature. With thoughts of Reflection, I speak in turquoise - two Gemstones that match, one Altar one Ring. With thoughts of Shape, I speak of lightening tones - two Patterns that trace, one Background one Dress. With a step back, do we see that there's three constructs - that pull you into the scene. Step one, is the Fairy's Dress - which pulls you up (to the focus of Astraea). Step two, is the Fairy's Butterflies - which pull you down (with a twist to the Earth and Astraea). Step three, is the Fairy's Wings - which pull you into Astraea's back (capturing the concept of this Fairy's height). Overall: An impressive Fairy of the Starlight, whose powers are woven into the Fabric of the Universe. I love the fact that this Fairy captures the ideas of Mother Earth, whilst Reaching for the Stars with her Pixie Dust. I also felt pity for this Fairy - as she cares for this World. To this Fairyland, with Flaps of Wing, I dream of - Astraea, and her Butterflies ...

13/08/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US

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