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Aurelia - The Play in Mermaid - Rachel Anderson, Mermaid - Queen of Atlantis, Mermaid of Atlantis - Pirates Mermaid

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Mermaid of Atlantis - Pirates Mermaid

Masters of Atlantis, and Guardians of the Sea, a Pirates Mermaid Hoards - the Treasures of the Deep:

Mermaid of Atlantis - Pirates Mermaid

In the Temple of Atlantis, in the Depths of the Sea - with the Power of a Tempest, was the Hurricane First Conceived. In the Nurturing of a Mermaid, in the Hands of a Mother - with the Wrath of a God, was the Cyclone Matured in Rage. In the Whirling of a Storm, in the Calm of the Eye - with the Guide of a Mermaid, lay the Seeds of Atlantis: rise now young Hurricane, to the Surface of the Seas! At the front of the Waves, do the Mermaids gather - to see the Fruits of their Bounty: a Ship of Wood, a Ship of Iron. Sink, Sink, to the Treasures of Atlantis: Gems in Gold, Ruby and Turquoise! For here did I find her - amongst the Hoards of a Pirate, and the Perch of a Parrot ... A Mermaid of Atlantis was She - who Barred the Gates to Atlantis, and the Path to Poseidon. A Mermaid of Pirates was She - who Guards the Port of Atlantis, and the Way to Tortuga ... For in her Pirate's Eye Patch, did I Sea - an X Marks the Spot, in Cross and Bone. For in her Pirate's Eye, did I Sea - a Tempest's Wrath, in Swirl and White. For in her Pirate's Mark, did I Sea - a Dolphin's Guise, in Elbows End. For in her Pirate's Verse, did I Sea - a Tempest's Shape, in Bellys Plain. For in her Pirate's Vine, did I Sea - a Motley Brand, in Wrists of Hand. For in her Pirate's Parrot, did I Sea - a Seaweed's Green, in Bobbing Wave. As it is with these Mermaids, and their Pirates Ways - for She, is a Pirates Mermaid :) But what of this Pirate's Atlantis? Well ... Amongst the Twisting Weeds, of a Sea Life Green, and the Rising Bubbles, of an Ocean Giant - this City of Atlantis, Emerged from the Depths! With it's Grey Hewn Slabs, and it's Whitened Pillars. With it's Silver Paving, and it's Shadowed Roofs. With it's Temple of Atlantis, and it's Temple of Poseidon - this Temple of a Cyclone, in this City of Atlantis! But what of this Pirates Mermaid, and her Swashbuckling Ways? Well ... With her Hair in Brown, that Reigns in Sea. With her Crown in Green, that Adorns from Head. With her Nails in Red, that Speaks of Gem. With her Turquoise Twist, that Shines of Jewel. With her Tail in Gold, that Flicks Away. With her Fin in Red, that Shimmers Bright. This Pirates Mermaid, Danced her Dance - within thy Remnants of, this Admiral's Galleon, and her Bounty's Hoard :) But what of her Pirate's Parrot? Well ... Her Pirate's Parrot, seemed as if - he Shone a Light, on Waters Deep. Her Pirate's Parrot, seemed as if - he Knew a Way, to Pieces Eight. Her Pirate's Parrot, seemed as if - he Bobbed in Time, to Ocean's Tune! Her Pirate's Parrot, seemed as if - he Winked his Way, to Captain's Hoard :) As it is with these Mermaids, and their Swashbuckling Ways ... In Pirates Lore, this Mermaids Captain - Danced Away, in Hempen Jig. In Pirates Lore, this Mermaids Queen - Darted in, amongst thy Sails. In Pirates Lore, this Mermaids Guardian - Shielded in, amongst thy Masts. In Pirates Lore, this Mermaids Regnant - Floated in, amongst thy Planks. In Pirates Lore, this Mermaids Quest - Bobbing in, amongst thy Decks. In Pirates Lore, this Mermaids Treasure - Honing in, amongst thy Winds. In Pirates Lore, this Mermaids Harbinger - Smiling in, amongst thy Waves :) For She ... Is a Pirates Mermaid, that Guards the Gates to Atlantis, and Hoards the Treasures of the Deep - My Pirates Queen :)

21/04/2017 | Victorian Hawk

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Mermaid - Queen of Atlantis

In Neptune's Realm, Choir be Siren. In Atlantis Runes, Drapes be Washed. Born of Deadly and of Deep - this Mermaids Queen, Bubbles of thy Rule to Sea:

Mermaid - Queen of Atlantis

Swimming in her Undersea, thinking of thy Nets to Cast. One Barb here, one Hook there - Snatching of thy Fishes Shoal. Floating in her Temple's Verse, musing on thy Songs to Sing. One Chord here, one Pull there - Seduction of thy Sailor's Heart. Hovering in her Briny Ways, dreaming of thy Chest to Fill. One Soul here, one Bolt there - Knowing of thy Lost at Sea ... In Shimmering Veil, with Twists of Fate. In Deadly Gaze, with Turn of Tide. In Warding Stance, with Darks of Stone. This Mermaids Queen - Queen of Mystery and of Deep! A Siren's Call, with Chilled so Bone. A Siren's Call, with Waves so High. A Siren's Call, with Wrecks so Needle. This Mermaids Queen - Queen of Sunken and of Damned! From Davy Jones' Locker - Sailors Mistress, Storms so Ravage. From Davy Jones' Locker - Sailors Goddess, Serpents so Rule. From Davy Jones' Locker - Sailors Bane, Kraken so Deep. This Mermaids Queen - Queen of Conquest and of Temple! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Sights ... This Mermaids Queen, wore Regal Gem. This Mermaids Queen, danced Whitened Wash. With Seaweed Green, came Mermaid Crown. With Spectral Form, came Mermaid Gown. This Mermaids Queen, was donned in Runes - with Silver Vines, that Spoke to Me! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Hears ... This Mermaids Queen, sung Regal Lore. This Mermaids Queen, hummed Quietened Note. With Ocean Spray, came Mermaid Tongue. With Currents Deep, came Mermaid Tune. This Mermaids Queen, was learned in Speech - with Luscious Lips, that Called to Me! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Sub ... This Mermaids Queen, rose Regal Guard. This Mermaids Queen, barred Ocean's Way. With Engines Snagged, came Mermaid Block. With Rudder Locked, came Mermaid Front. This Mermaids Queen, was versed in Spell - with Ocean's Trap, that Lured to Me! Temples of her Sea's Domain. Mermaids of her Empress Guard. Heralds of her Davy Jones' Locker. Mermaid ... Ruler of thy Oceans Deep. Goddess of thy Deepest Trench. Monarch of thy Atlantis Realm. Mermaid ... Commander of thy Empire's Blue. Fairy of thy Typhoon's Wave. Curator of thy Chest of Souls. Mermaid ... Sung to Me: Swim in Shallow, Swim in Deep, Swim in Sea, Swim in Ocean, Swim in Calm, Swim in Storm - but know this my Sailor, thy Boat goes Down, Swim to Me!

23/06/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Mermaids | About Atlantis

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Aurelia - The Play in Mermaid - Rachel Anderson

Happiness of this Day, and Currents of the Deep, what is it that you Sea, when this Mermaid - hovered in these Waves?

Aurelia - The Play in Mermaid - Rachel Anderson

To the Sunlight of this Time, in the Plankton of the Shallows - with the twist of a Tale, amused Aurelia. To the flick of her Fin, in the Scales of a Fish - with the glow of the Sun, shimmered Aurelia. To the Gold of this Land, in the Pearls of Atlantis - with the glance of a Queen, smiling Aurelia. In the Eyes of these Jewels, with the Dazzle in Rainbow - two Pearls of a Shoal, Aurelia of Goldfish. I am extremely impressed, by the Fairy Glamour that's present within this artwork - as I had not expected it! First: there is a twist within the background layers of this artwork. If you look at the surface of the sea, then at first glance, does all appear to be quite calm. Yet, if we look at the Mermaid's hair, together with the rising Bubbles and Plankton - do I feel the suggestion of a strong (underwater) ocean current. This suggestion is further refined, through the sudden transition of the aquamarine, to the blues and the blacks - of an ocean's depths. It is within this ocean's blues and blacks, that Rachel achieves an impressive effect - as although there's a dramatic change in colour, it does not hamper your ability to focus on the mermaid (who brings balance to the scene). Second: When looking at the background, the rising Bubbles and Plankton, together with the waves at the top of the image - both suggest that this Mermaid, is within saltwater. Yet, if we look at the Goldfish (that surround this Mermaid), do we encounter Fairy Glamour - as Goldfish are freshwater fish! Third: Is the Glamour of two Tails and their Scales. As the shading upon the Mermaid's tail, and the shading upon the Goldfish tails - are one and the same. This is true of both the fins (with their matching highlights) and the fishes scales - which appear to be a smaller repeated-pattern, of those that are found, at the base of this Mermaid's waist. As such, I feel that there's a connection between this Mermaid and her Goldfish. What could such a connection be? Well ... I feel that this Mermaid is a Queen of Atlantis, and that her Goldfish are just a part of - the Wonders of the Deep. If that were so, then it can be said, that this Mermaid's Pearls - hold the Spirit of Atlantis, within this Sea of Seas. For in Calming blue, do I find the Trustfulness of the Sea - as this Mermaid dives, she brings Nurture to the Deep. For in predominant pink, do I find the Playfulness of the Sea - as this Mermaid swims, she brings Cuteness to the Deep. For in predominant orange, do I find the Fascination of the Sea - as this Mermaid treads, she brings Success to the Deep. For both this saltwater Mermaid, and her freshwater Goldfish - swim in Happy Content! What of the lighting of this underwater scene? Well ... Rachel has chosen to have a single (above water) light source, that fans out - as it's rays penetrate the water. In doing so, does she uniformly light - both the Mermaid and her Goldfish. As such, I feel (for the most part), that Rachel has deliberately avoided the suggestion of too much shadow (particularly upon the Mermaid and the Goldfish). Preferring instead, to rapidly-darken the water - in a way that plays with the height, that is implied by the depth of the Mermaid (within the sea). Thus, do we again encounter Fairy Glamour (between this Mermaid and her background). Overall: A powerfully simple scene - whose Bubbles give rise, to a great many ideas! There's no doubt that this Mermaid is a Queen. There's no doubt that these Goldfish implicitly trust her. There's no doubt that there's some-kind of Fairy Glamour at play (underneath the Sea). With these curves of a Mermaid, and balance of a Goldfish - Aurelia at play, Under the Sea.

02/10/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Atlantis

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