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Fire Phoenix - Egyptian Fire God - King Tut, Galrauch - Chaos Dragon - Black Dragon, Thonis-Heracleion - Lost City of the Egyptians, Tyrannosaurus-ville

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Fire Phoenix - Egyptian Fire God - King Tut

Be Egyptian King. Be Empires Rise. A Fire Phoenix - knows which is which. Be Egyptian Queen. Be Egyptian Conquer. A Fire Phoenix - knows whom is whom. Be Egyptian God. Be Egyptian Empire. A Fire Phoenix - knows guard of guard. Forever woven, in Egyptian Fire - a Fire Phoenix, of King Tut:

Fire Phoenix - Egyptian Fire God -  King Tut

Empires rise. Empires fall. In Ancient Egypt, who would know? The Pharaoh of King Tut! For Paths of Life, and Paths of Dead, go hand-in-hand, with Pharaoh Rule. He built an Empire, in a Day - known Ancient Egypt, through Today. He built a Kingdom, in a Night - known Ancient Heaven, through Tonight. He built a God, in Paths of Death - known Ancient Deity, through this Time. For King Tut knew ... The Riddles of a Fire so Bright. The Spells of a Fire so High. The Wards of a Phoenix so Fiery! He cast his spell, one Dark Sky - in blends of Orange, and of Red. He sung his rhyme, one Dark Eve - in blends of Yellow, and of Gold. He made his magic, one Dark Night - in blends of Crimson, and of Ochre. And behold ... A Fearsome Guardian, had he made - to guard his Empire, and his Realm. A Screaming Sentinel, had he birthed - to guard his Kingdom, and his Fortune. A Secret Ward, had he forged - to guard his Lineage, and his Sarcophagus ... For King Tut knew, that once he fell ... Wars of Egypt, near and far - invading foes, squabbling generals. Wars of Rule, harsh and cruel - invading famine, bicker plenty. Wars of Gold, bronze and yellow - invading tarnish, squander others! And so it was ... Entombment, in his Mummy Wraps - resin dew, drape of cloth. Entombment, in his Sarcophagus - locked within, Wards on cask. Entombment, in his Pyramid - placed beneath, Temple shrine. Whilst outside - Vultures gather! Yet in youth, King Tut chose, that his Kingdom, be for him - not for them! King Tut pondered, whilst he thought, ways to Guard, ways to Keep! King Tut versed, in Egyptian Lore ... Egyptian Birds, with Power of Flight - thy feathered fiend, fly so high. Egyptian Hieroglyph, with Power of Word - thy Egyptian Falcon, and his Spirit. Egyptian Rune, with Power of Ward - thy Seeing Eye, of Watchfulness. But still to learn, King Tut did - Egyptian Phoenix, and his Hieroglyph ... It came to him, one Dark Night, in Dreams of Conquest, and of Conquer :) Egyptian Phoenix - Egyptian Guard - Egyptian Hieroglyph! He knew at once, which Ward to set, upon his Temple, in Sarcophagus! Ssshhh ... Not tell a Soul :) For only King Tut would know, just what it is, these Powers of Fire, imbued within - his Guardian Fire Phoenix ... Born of the Sun God Ra, his Fire Phoenix - bore Bright of Day, in Dark of Night. Born of the Sun God Heliopolis, his Fire Phoenix - bore Heat of Furnace, in Cave of Cosmos. Born of the Sun Gods Ra and Heliopolis, his Fire Phoenix - bore Molten Blade, in Darkest Pit! As he called, all of those, who'd come for him, and his Fortune of Gold! His Wards were set ... In his Pyramid of Ancient Egypt, though none would see. In his Temple of Worship, though none would know. In his Sarcophagus of Underworld, though none would guess. And so it was, for all of Time, and all of Legend! King Tut slept, beneath his Wards, beneath his Guardian Fire Phoenix - beneath his Egyptian Fire God :) But alas! It was not to be ... With rise of Dawn, came Warring Army. With rise of Day, came Greedy Men. With rise of Night, came Plunder Loot! His Fire Phoenix awoke! Burning Tree, Rise of Ash! Piercing Scream, Falcon Beak. Bennu! Bennu! Egyptian Bird - Shine so Bright :) Bennu! Bennu! Egyptian Falcon - Rise so Brilliantly :) Bennu! Bennu! Egyptian Fire Bird - Soul Reborn :) And so it was ... Did King Tut rise, and Burn the Sky, of those that Dared, to awaken him - from his Underworld! For in Death, had King Tut changed. He knew what then, just what it meant, this Fire Phoenix Hieroglyph :) For Guardian Fire Phoenix, Egyptian Fire God - had cast it's Spell, upon his Form. King Tut could fly! King Tut could soar! King Tut could hunt - all of those, that Dared to take, his precious Gold! Phoenix Fire, Phoenix Blazed, through his Foes - in his Empires of the Night :)

12/10/2017 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Tom Wood Fantasy Art | About King Tutankhamun

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Galrauch - Chaos Dragon - Black Dragon

Of all the Chaos Dragons, there is none more spoken of - than Galrauch. What once was Elven Dragon, Golden Drake. Became twisted and deformed, as with the Powers of Chaos! For it was upon the battlefield that Elven triumphed, but just for the smallest Twist of Time ... Having consumed a Seed of Chaos, did Tzeentch (Chaos Sorcerer), work his Magic. Thy Lord of Change, changed this Dragon - from Spire of Light, to Blade of Dark:

Galrauch - Chaos Dragon - Black Dragon

This is the first such Fantasy Character/Model, that I have ever constructed - which took me a little over eight years to complete! Well ... Not eight years exactly - more like, I just started to assemble and paint, this Warhammer Figure, at the start of this year :) Whys that you say? Perhaps I to, had become Lost in the Realms of Chaos? Or perhaps instead, it was just that I remembered, where the box was! But then again, perhaps it was only now, that I felt just capable - of assembling this model :) Yes, I think that was it ... For I knew from day one, that this model would be difficult to assemble. Whilst I forget when it was, that I first cleaned/filed the metal edges of this Dragon. I know for-well when it was, that I found myself in the Realms of Superglue! Lost in Time, Lost in Glue, did I reach for - my Dremel Multitool :) For it was indeed, that I pinned this Dragon's Wings, to this Dragon's Body ... And here did I learn a lesson: drill the hole in the Dragon's Body first, insert a cocktail stick, trim it (so it's just poking out), add a dab of paint to the end of the cocktail stick (I used red), press each Dragon's Wing to the Dragon's Body, and with a Rune of Tzeentch - do you know just where to drill the matching hole! And what of the cocktail stick? Well ... Just drill it out :) It was then to the Dragon's Heads (which glued on fine), and the Dragon's Tail (which I lost several evenings to - eventually having to pin). Yet, with both the Dragon's Heads and the Dragon's Tail, together with the Dragon's Body - did I have to use Modellers Putty, to fill the gaps :) Thus, do I feel, that it took me about a month (in the evenings), to assemble this model. It was then onto the Realms of Painting ... I started with a white undercoat, then changed to black (both undercoat and base). I then dry-brushed the Dragon in Dragon Red (Army Painter), and highlighted/refined in Magenta Ink (I really loved that part!). I then found myself painting in Warlock Purple (Citadel Colour), along both the edges, and the folds of Daemon flesh - which I again dry-brushed in Magenta Ink. It was here that I decided to paint the Bones, Talons and Barbs of this Dragon ... Undercoat in white first, then Ushabti Bone (Citadel Layer) over the top. This proved to be a challenge - as there was a lot of Bones, Talons and Barbs! I especially found it awkward, along the Finer Bones of this Dragon's Wings. It was then that I consorted with Tzeentch ... For I was lured into a whole multi-coloured spectrum, for the highlights/details of my Chaos Dragon: Angel Green (Army Painter), Amethyst Purple, Emerald Green, Enchanted Blue, Golden Yellow and Tuskgor Fur (all Citadel). I used these colours for the patches of cracked Dragon Skin, and the various Snaking Cords/Veins. It was then that Tzeentch, spoke to me again ... Before I knew what I was doing, had I picked up a paint brush, and started painting shapes over my Dragon's Wings (where the small faces showed through the webbed skin/folds). Then did I battle, for I realised that these were Patches of Contagion - that looked too disjoint to the Dragon's base colours. I eventually resolved this issue, through the use of Tuskgor Fur - painted around the outside, of these Patches of Contagion. It was then, that I remembered my Dragon's Eyes ... I based in white, then painted over with Dragon Red. I was initially concerned about their shape (as some of the red paint ran), but in the end - this worked out fine :) As for the finishing of my Dragon, did I decide to dry-brush in Shining Gold (Citadel Metallic - the really old one). It was as though, I was Tzeentch himself! For my Chaos Dragon, simply snapped into focus - and I found myself in total awe, at the detail, that I'd managed to work in :) Overall: An amazing Western Dragon, Fantasy Model - that I know is Pride of Place, within my collection of Fantasy Characters. It's a model, that I rushed to collect (several years back), but then managed to forget about (for the most part). But recently, I suspect that Tzeentch started to whisper to me (from the Warp), as I found myself dreaming of Galrauch - especially the Desire to both assemble, and paint him! For me, Galrauch is more a Collector's Dragon :) I spent so long painting him (enjoyably), that the thought of fielding him in battle, just scares me! Indeed, was it here that I knew just when my Galrauch was complete - as I started to obsess too much, about dropping him (whilst painting!). Finally: a unique Warhammer Character/Model, that seems to have disappeared largely, from the Ranks of Chaos these days. Whilst we may never know why that is - perhaps Galrauch sleeps? I do know of one Tale, that this Dragon still Reigns in ... Galrauch roars upon thy Field of Battle - knowing not Now, what he Once was. Galrauch roars upon thy Collector's shelf - knowing just Is, what he Became. For Galrauch is a Chaos Dragon :) Writhed in Power. Writhed in Chaos. Off to War, and Hunt the Elven!

28/06/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: | About Galrauch

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Roar!!!! There be those places on this Earth, that still-guard, the Treasures of the Jurassic. Be Volcano Fire. Be Earthen Shake. This Jurassic World, with Gates of Mammoth. What does thou seek? The thunder of the Darkened Sky? The raining of the Abyssal Plane? The tremors of this Earthen Path? Roar!!!! I know it all, as I'm your guide - through this, Tyrannosaurus-ville:

Tyrannosaurus-ville - Fighting Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops.

From Late Cretaceous come of I, Tyrannosaurus Rex - with Teeth to Bite. Me Tyrant King, giant Theropod. Me Tyrant King, knows what you seek. From Pools of Black, with Heat locked in. To Desert Wings, with Rise of Sun. This Hell Creek, a Barren Land. This Hell Creek, now Treasure Chest! Roar!!!! What's that you say? Triceratops! We know thy name ... With Horns of Three, a shield-like Crown. With Horns of Three, four sturdy Feet. With Horns of Three, this Underdog - Herbivorous Tank, Brace for Fight! The burning Passion, of this Realm. The bubbling Heat, of this Swamp. The rising Mists, of Nature's Woods. I speak in Roar, I speak in Rent. The Clashing of - the Titans known! From Late Cretaceous come of I, Tarbosaurus - Teeth to Crunch. Me Mongol King, giant Predator. Me Mongol King, knows what you hunt. From Vents of Earth, with Fire in Forge. To Flying Leap, with Soar of Ray. This Gobi Desert, wind swept Land. This Gobi Desert, now Hidden Gem! Roar!!!! What's that you say? Protoceratops! We've heard thy name ... With small Horns here, a plate-like Frill. With small Horns here, four rugged Paws. With small Horns here, yet powerful Beak - Sauropod Sheep, Prepare for Bite! The throbbing Heart, of this Land. The splashing Spray, of this Mound. The growing Wisps, of Redwood Forest. I speak in Howl, I speak in Slash. The Warring of - the Lesser known! From Late Cretaceous come of I, Velociraptor - with Sickle Claws. Me distant cousin, Tyrant King. Me distant cousin, modern Bird. From Family Tree, with Common Roots. To Feathered Friend, with Kingdom now. This Gobi Desert, No Man's Land. This Gobi Desert, come Battle Gem! Roar!!!! What's that you say? Jurassic Park! We know thy name ... But do you? With Sickle Claw, built for Rent. With balanced Tail, built for Speed. With razor Teeth, built for Slash - it's Utahraptor, Nightmare Dream! The rising Pulse, of this Domain. The erupting Force, of this Hill. The ravenous Pack, of Woodland's Edge. I speak in Hunter, I speak in Clever. The Dominance of - our Feathered Kin! This Tyrannosaurus-ville, the Kingdom that we built: Tyrannosaurus Utahraptor, Tarbosaurus Velociraptor! From Jurassic to Cretaceous, our Kingdom had it all ... A greenhouse World, bathing in - the Summer's Sun. A luscious Land, breathing in - the Moisture's rise. A Greenland Paradise, full of - the Evergreens. In thy Conifers did we hide, ambush - giant Sauropod! In thy Ferns did we creep, surprise - startled Prey. In thy Oaks did we seed, jumping forth - with foot long Teeth! On thy Sauropods, did we Feast - crunching through, bones and muscle. This Tyrannosaurus-ville, our Throne of Power. In Hunting Packs, did our Raptors - spread across, this hostile Land. In Sickle Claws, did our Raptors - Rend through, this Warring plane. In Thought of Flight, did our Raptors - grow Feathers, reach for Sky! Roar!!!! What's that you say? Celestial Body! We know thy name ... It came to us, one Darkened Day - it sent a Shockwave, through our Kingdom. It brought us to the Brink, where we Teetered - on the Edge! But Velociraptor Utahraptor - both knew, just how to Fight ... As our, Tyrannosaurus-ville, be still - all around! You feel it when: your in the Woods. You hear it when: the Trees do speak. You see it when: our Birds do fly. Tyrannosaurus-ville still, this modern Day. Roar!!!!

01/03/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: | About Hell Creek, Gobi Desert

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Thonis-Heracleion - Lost City of the Egyptians

For twelve hundred years did Cleopatra's Spell last - a Spell to Lock her Egyptian City, within the Sands of the Mediterranean Sea. It was a Spell that Cleopatra cast - to Hide her Secrets, from the Scorpions, of these Ancient Lands. Yet upon the Temple of Amun - does Cleopatra still sit, Lost in her Memories, of what Once had been:

Ruler of Thonis-Heracleion - The Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra - At rest with her hands upon her chin

It was with an Ancient Enemy, that Cleopatra, sought to Fight. It was with the Goddess Wadjet, that the Pact had first been made - an Army of Lava Serpents, so that Cleopatra could Harvest, the Crystal-Gold (from the Depths of the Earth). Yet, Cleopatra could not have Foreseen, the price that she would pay, for Thonis-Heracleion's Streets of Gold: the Tide of the Hyksos - and of their Scorpion King. For countless years had Thonis-Heracleion served her well, as a Port, to unload Crystal-Gold, from the Lavas of Vesuvius, and of Thera. Yet, throughout those years, had Cleopatra, underestimated, the Cunning of the Scorpion. Countless Battles had proven them to be Formidable Warriors, with even their human-kin (the Hyksos) over-running several of her Temples! Yet, with her Wisdom, had she found a solution to the Threat of the Scorpion: by Killing Two Birds with One Stone - have her Lava Serpents erupt the Volcanoes, to free the Crystal-Gold, and bury the Scorpions in Ash! At last, could she concentrate on the building of Thonis-Heracleion ... Yet, in doing so, did she set-upon a Path, from which there was no return. For it was, as she strove for more Crystal-Gold, that her Lava Serpents dug deeper, within the Magma of the Earth, and Awoke that which would cause her Demise: a Scorpion God King - the like of which she had not seen before! It was upon the Island of Santorini, that he, first made himself known: in a Titanic Eruption, that destroyed the settlements of Thera - her precious Crystal-Gold (from there) was lost. Upon the Temple of Amun, had she stood, Energies Flowing from the Tips of her Fingers - even a Tsunami was no match for her, the Waters abated, from her Circle of Power. Then did she Grow Complacent - as she knew that she still had Vesuvius, and that her Egyptian Galleons, still ruled the Seas of the Mediterranean. For sometime still, did Thonis-Heracleion flourish ... The Crystal-Gold built her Temples strong. The Crystal-Gold built her Sarcophagus, to withstand the Sands of Time. The Crystal-Gold built her Statues, for others to marvel at, on the Streets of her City: an Egyptian Minx, an Egyptian Sphinx, an Egyptian Lion - an Egyptian Empire! Her Lava Serpents were winning - the Wars of the Sands: each Time the Scorpions advanced, did her Lava Serpents shift, the Sands undulating, in a Never Ending Earthquake, did the Scorpions Demise! She could Foresee it all - within her Pyramid of Conflict! Powerful indeed had Cleopatra become. Yet it was, from within the Earth, that her Demise would be ... Soon enough, did the Earth start to Tremble! First at Vesuvius: the Volcano began to Erupt - by itself ... It drew her Eyes, just for the Shortest of Time. Yet it was enough! As the Lava Serpents battled, to turn the Tide - Cleopatra found that Wadjet had gone quite ... Yet, upon her last meeting (with Wadjet), was it not Foretold that her Lava Serpents would be Triumphant! Second at Vesuvius: the Lava's continued to Flow. Her Lava Serpents continued to Battle. She stood upon the Temple of Amun, seeing her Galleons of War, she knew that she would be Victorious! Her Eyes fixed on the Mediterranean, the Waters calmed (at Once) - her Fleet sailed for Vesuvius. The Tide would be turned ... Third at Thonis-Heracleion: Did the Earth Start to Shake? Her Eyes in Surprise! What Magic was this? Thonis-Heracleion began to Sink! To Wadjet she called ... Yet, came an answer from the Deep: the Scorpion God King! What Treachery is this? The Cunning of a Scorpion! But it was too late ... A Plate of Earth had he Eaten through - as she Screamed: No, you will Not take My City! Energies Rushed Forth from the Tips of her Fingers ... Thonis-Heracleion locked in Time - Under the Sea, did Cleopatra, turn to Stone.

12/10/2017 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Thonis-Heracleion Project

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