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Angels And Their Angelic Powers

Angels are believed to be messengers of the divine – no matter what faith you believe in. They have been documented in literature and art (throughout time) – and their existence is a matter of fact for many people.

Specific Levels

Female Angel - with wings held high, dressed in pale blue robes, with long blonde hair.

Before modern science “took over”, it was worked out by Medieval scholars that Angels fall into several levels. These are listed here in increasing order of power:

  1. Angels. A confusing term in itself – however it is believed that this is the level that humans usually have dealings with (e.g. their guardian angel). As such, they are generally regarded as appearing as “gentle white-robed humans (perhaps with wings)”.
  2. Archangels. Believed to be the “foot soldiers” of the divine – they are directly responsible for implementing the divines laws (which includes the management of his armies). They are also associated with creation – and have been linked with various religious tasks.
  3. Principalities. Believed to protect religion – often indirectly by suggesting the “correct path” in matters of kingly importance.
  4. Powers. Believed to prevent the rise of demons – and thus, keep the Universe in harmony.
  5. Virtues. Believed to be responsible for miracles – including magic.
  6. Dominions. Believed to be majestic – they regulate other angels duties.
  7. Thrones. Believed to guard the gates of God – they show unflinching loyalty in divine justice.
  8. Cherubim. Believed to be absolute wisdom – they are the divines record keepers (which includes the control of air). They also carry the throne of the divine; and praise the divine being.
  9. Seraphim. Believed to surround the throne of God – they burn so brightly (akin to suns) that they intimidate those that would harm others. They are generally regarded as being the most godlike (since they are the closest to God).

Despite their different levels (which are often depicted as choirs) – all angels are concerned with “Gods will”.

Specific Roles

Flying Angel - with hands in prayer, dressed in golden robes, with pale blue wings.

It is believed that angels perform various important roles (on-top of other duties):

  1. Death. These are initially responsible for the souls of the dead (both gathering and judging); before handing over to those of mercy, destruction or punishment (i.e. those responsible for the souls fate).
  2. Destruction. These purify the souls of the wicked (mostly through torture).
  3. Face (or Presence). Those that are in the presence of the divine. Some are believed to have been involved with guiding later tasks of creation.
  4. Love. These carry affection for all that lives.
  5. Mercy. These are believed to help ferry the souls of those that believe in the divine (on to a better place).
  6. Punishment (or Torment). These are believed to help ferry the souls of non-believers – and deal with those that have sinned.
  7. Sun. These are believed to bring fire to the sun – and also to help move it through the heavens.

Interesting Angels

Angel Gabriel - appearing to an older man, palms outstretched, power emanating from them.

Here you can see how wide the attributes of specific angels can be:

  • Ariel. He is a ruler of the seas that is believed to help discover hidden truths. Akin to slow moving waters – it is believed that he assists those with whatever work they undertake.
  • Adriel. He is believed to bring timelessness to many endeavors – especially love.
  • Cassiel. He is associated with meditation – and is believed to bring more peace and harmony to those who seek them.
  • Gabriel. He is the angel to call on when you need assistance – especially with your hopes and dreams. He is also believed to be Gods messenger and is associated with both fire and water.
  • Lailah. She is believed to be integral to the union of body and soul – especially the better ingredients.
  • Michael. He is seen as the commander of Gods armies – but also has links with farming and the judgment of souls. Those cultivating the land may benefit from his input.
  • Raphael. He is associated with both physical and spiritual healing (including that of the Earth). Those looking for love could also benefit from his influence.
  • Sandalphon. He is believed to be a powerful guardian angle – who looks after the souls of the faithful; together with those that repent.
  • Uriel. He is believed to govern the stars and planets – and be helpful to those who wish to learn various subjects.

NOTE: In the divine, he/she are often interchangeable.


Dream Angel - within a ladies dream, hovering amongst the clouds, arms outstretched.

It is believed that angels (especially of the lower levels) can communication with us in many ways:

  • Disembodied voices – telling you to do something (or not to do something).
  • Random lights/rainbows – some may say even lightening (as a warning) can become involved here.
  • Unusual animal behavior – since dogs and cats are associated with enhanced senses.
  • Strange “floating” clouds – typically green in color (perhaps because green is often associated with knowledge and immortality).
  • Touch – could that have been the feathers of an Angels wings against you then? Whose that holding you in their arms when you cry?
  • Hearing words related to angels (as I was writing an earlier draft of this article – I kept hearing the words “Angel Eyes” in a song on the radio – together with the word “Angel” from the radio DJ).

Although some of these may seem scary (especially at the time) – it is worth remembering that as angels are carrying out the will of God; that many encounters shouldn't be so scary (at least in iron-sight). [NOTE: This may not be true for so-called “fallen angels”].


Angel Seraphim - in perfect beauty, dressed in white, with blonde curly hair, a golden halo.

The first of these is for myself:

Driving along the motorway one day, I heard a voice: "Get out of this lane.". I waited a few seconds and moved safely into the slower lane when the opportunity arose. About thirty seconds later, I saw (what appeared to be) cars colliding into each other in my rear view mirror (in the fast lane). I said to myself "I hope no one was injured back there" – however, I soon forgot about this incident and carried on with my journey. It is only in later years that I realized my guardian angel had intervened.

And the other is from a family member:

My Mother was seriously ill in hospital and the outlook for her was not all promising. I had a strange feeling that she was going to die. Around noon that day the phone rang and the hospital told me that she had gone. On the day of her funeral I went to the Chapel of Rest to pay my last respect to her. My brother who I had not been getting on with for a while took my hand and apologized to me for the way he had been treating me. We both stood and looked at our Mother and there seemed to be a smile on her face seeing Brother and Sister united again. We have been very close since – just as we were when we were children.


Its interesting to discover the vast amount of material that relates to angels – and the attributes that they have been assigned (even if they often contradict one and other). Of course, all this could be fiction (although many of us believe it isn't). Apart from my guardian angel experience, I have often found myself looking at the stars in the evening and (now) find it hard that science can explain “it all” (especially when I see footage of the Earth against a totally black backdrop). One thing I have noticed recently when feeling down, is that thinking about angels does tend to give you a happier outlook on life!

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