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Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Garden, Webs of Dew. In Fairy Realms, Paths be Wove. Born of Needle and of Weave - this Classic Craft, Fabric of thy Verse to be:

Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Sitting on her Fairy Throne, thinking of thy Curves to Shape. One Stitch here, one Stitch there - Fabric of thy Fairy's Dress. Resting on her Fairy Seat, dreaming of thy Arcs to Weave. One Curve here, one Curve there - Pattern of thy Pillow's Realm. Lounging on her Fairy Couch, musing of thy Paths to Knit. One Row here, one Row there - Parting of thy Curtain's Gate ... Dreaming of thy Garden's Path, Walking of thy Maze to Turn. Tipping of thy Padded Feet, Purring of thy Heart to Quest. Sniffing of thy Morning Scent, Knowing of thy Path so Right. Musing on thy Stepping Stone, Resting on thy Petal's Bud. Drinking of thy Silver's Nectar, Flutter of thy Wings so Glamour. Knowing of thy Garden's Scent, Sniffing of thy Branch so Right ... What's that you say! A Fairy's Heart of Labyrinth? Well now ... Woven through this Realm of Fairy. Riddled in this Fairy's Garden. Paths be trod, a Labyrinth's Arch - a Fairy Dress, of Bluebells Song :) Knitted through this Land of Feather. Spoken in this Fairy's Dream. Paths be step, a Labyrinth's Gem - a Fairy Pillow, of Turquoise Green :) Crocheted through this Bed of Stars. Runic in this Heaven's Body. Paths be traced, a Labyrinth's Maze - a Curtain's Gate, of Galaxy Orange :) What's that you say! A Fairy's Work of Labyrinth? A Fairy's Time of Day? Well now ... Woven through this Spider's Web. Rising in this Morning Mist. Riddled in this Morning Dew. Waning in this Glowing Sun. Knitted through this Garden's Patch. Growing in this Rising Heat. Spoken in this Fairy's Tongue. Quietened in this Lunar Verse. Crocheted through this Midnight's Realm. One of Milky, one of Way. Runic in these Glowing Eyes. One of Me, one of You. One of Weave, one of Knit. One of Cast, one of Bob. One of Knot, one of Throw. Ariadne ... For it was indeed, thy Greek Goddess be-spelled her Stitch: whispered to thy Yarn, purred to Bobbin Row. In Fairy Realms of Greeks and Brides, Constellations set in Stone. In Fairy Powers of Curtain's Fold, Bobbin Lights of Spells be Cast. Ariadne ... Weaver of this Thread in Time. Caster of this Bead so Fine. Mother of this Elven Stitch. Father of this Whisker Slender. Ariadne ... For it was Foreseen, thy Greek Goddess - Stitched in Time :)

25/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US

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