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Astraea - The Starlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Butterflies in Flight, with Arcs of the Solar, what is it that you Dream, when I sit upon - this Altar?

Astraea - The Starlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Flowers of this Space, in the Shape of the Heavens - with the allure of a Star, sat Astraea. To the Gems of the Stellar, in the Curves of this Time - with the dazzle of a Sun, mused Astraea. To the Fabric of the Cosmos, in the Paths of the Goddess - with the sorrow of the Endless, flew Astraea. In the Celestial of the Fairy, with the hint of a Drape - two Constellations in Love, Virgo and Astraea. My spirit was inspired by the intricacies of this artwork ... Both in terms of pattern, and in terms of Rachel's choice of colour. I feel that my eyes are drawn to it's dominate use of turquoise - especially upon the Fairy's ruffled skirt. I also feel that my eyes are drawn to the large Gemstone - at the base of the altar. With a closer look, do you notice the third use of turquoise - upon the cloudy wisps of the Cosmos, and it's Interstellar blending. When these three uses of turquoise, are taken together, I feel that this Fairy embodies the concept of protection. When mixed with the sorrow that's present upon her face, it feels as though this Fairy, carries the Weight of the World upon her shoulders. This concept is further implied, by the resemblance of a sphere (aka the Earth) upon an altar - which plays right into the Realms of Fairy Glamour. It is here that I realised, that the artwork's Starry background, is unusual - as it's full of complex shapes ... The background's magic, comes from the fact, that it does not distract from the details of the Fairy (which would have been the case, if it was continued to the bottom of the image - as opposed to fading out). I feel that these shapes, represent the Fabric of the Universe - that of Space Time, and of the Complexity of Life on Earth. I suspect that Astraea, looks somewhat sorrowful - because she feels that these shapes (aka links) are breaking down. Thus, it can be inferred, that Astraea is akin to a Guardian Angel - only here is her role, to guard the Earth and it's People. And yet, I feel not all is despair - for it seems that Astraea, sparks hope anew ... It's in the Luminescence of the Butterflies - that trail from her Arm. It's in the Sparks of the Life - that arc from her Wings. It's in the contrasting colour of her Hair - the passion of the Stars in this Night of Flowers. With thoughts of Lavender, I speak in Lilac - the delicate of Fairy, and precious of Nature. With thoughts of Reflection, I speak in turquoise - two Gemstones that match, one Altar one Ring. With thoughts of Shape, I speak of lightening tones - two Patterns that trace, one Background one Dress. With a step back, do we see that there's three constructs - that pull you into the scene. Step one, is the Fairy's Dress - which pulls you up (to the focus of Astraea). Step two, is the Fairy's Butterflies - which pull you down (with a twist to the Earth and Astraea). Step three, is the Fairy's Wings - which pull you into Astraea's back (capturing the concept of this Fairy's height). Overall: An impressive Fairy of the Starlight, whose powers are woven into the Fabric of the Universe. I love the fact that this Fairy captures the ideas of Mother Earth, whilst Reaching for the Stars with her Pixie Dust. I also felt pity for this Fairy - as she cares for this World. To this Fairyland, with Flaps of Wing, I dream of - Astraea, and her Butterflies ...

13/08/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US

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