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Crystals And Their Healing Powers

Crystal Cavern - underground crystal cavern, illuminated with a orangey yellow light.

Deep within the Earth, age old forces twist and bend molten lava, transforming matter as its pushed towards the surface. Mighty rivers carve out paths, moving sediment towards the seas. Gigantic oceans pound and pound, pulling down cliffs and exerting pressure upon the depths. Overtime, these processes help give birth to crystals - a decoration of man since ancient times. Not only do crystals command lustre, it is believed that they have magical powers as well. These are now considered.

Magical Uses

Crystal Magic - a spiritual woman holding a crystal in her hands, whilst wearing a crystal necklace around her neck.

Crystals are mainly used when "balance" needs to be brought to a persons life. This balancing effect can be regarded as healing - and has been a property attributed to crystals since ancient times. As such, crystals can be used when working with the following areas:

  • Physically. They may be used to reduce pain and inflammation around the body.
  • Mentally. They may be used to reduce (or enhance) chains of thought relating to logic and attitudes.
  • Emotionally. They may be used to reduce (or enhance) our feelings regarding ourselves and others.
  • Spiritually. They may be used to enhance other areas of magic - such as meditation and witchcraft.

In all cases, crystal healing can also be used in a protective/preventative fashion.

Basic Uses

Citrine Crystal Ring - sitting upon a mountain side, with the crystal reflecting the mountainous terrain.

There are several ways to integrate the benefits of crystals into your life - without you having to do "too much":

  • Wearing a crystal in the form of jewellery. This helps you look good and attract associated energies.
  • Placing a (large) crystal within a room. This can help attract positive energies into your room (and remove negative energies). This idea can be extended by following the ideas of Feng Shui - where associated crystals are placed into specific areas of a room.
  • Holding a crystal within your palms. This can serve as a focus for your concentration, which can help quieten the concious mind (especially if your stressed).
  • Placing a crystal within your car. This could help restrict the stress you feel when being stuck in a traffic jam (e.g.).
  • Placing a crystal on your desk at work. This could help you relax when working on a stressful project. At the very least, you have something interesting to look at!

Chakra Use

Human Body Chakras - showing the location of root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow and crown chakras.

The human body is believed to contain several "points of energy" (called chakras) that help govern the way we feel. If a chakra is "low on energy" - then it can have a profound effect on your health. It is believed that crystals can help restore a chakras energy levels to normal (and thus improve the way you feel). If you'd like to try this, find a place to lay/sit down (i.e. somewhere you can relax safely) and place a single crystal of the corresponding colour onto each chakra (for around ten minutes):

  1. Base/Root chakra - use brown crystals to assist energy associated with grounding, quietening and stabilising.
  2. Sacral chakra - use red crystals to assist energy associated with physical energy, initiation and positive thought.
  3. Solar plexus chakra - use orange crystals to assist energy associated with happiness, self-discipline and self-worth.
  4. Heart chakra - use green crystals to assist energy associated with harmony, love and compassion.
  5. Throat chakra - use blue crystals to assist energy associated with communication, logic and understanding.
  6. Brow chakra - use indigo (i.e. dark blue) crystals to assist energy associated with clarification, intuition and perspective.
  7. Crown chakra - use white crystals to assist energy associated with imagination, optimism and strengthening.

To increase the potency of this approach, you may also combine it with meditation. For example, as you relax (with crystals on you), you may wish to visualise the colour of each chakra becoming more intense, gradually merging together until you obtain a balanced flow, that moves slowly upwards throughout your entire body - helping to keep you in sync with the Earth.

If your new to crystals, you may find it hard to remember "which crystal is which" if you attempt to work with seven crystals/chakras straight away. As such, you may find it easier to work with one crystal/chakra at a time (for a while), which will also help you isolate which crystals work well with you.

Chakra Crystals

Emerald Crystal - with its green glow, emerald helps aid harmony.

The following lists some of the crystals that you can make use of when working with chakra energies:

  1. Bronzite. A brown crystal that aids relaxation. It can reduce stress and upset stomachs.
  2. Tigers Eye. A brown crystal that aids breakthroughs. It can increase confidence and remove unwanted energy.
  3. Ruby. A red crystal that aids vitality. It can increase the suns influence within your life and improve success.
  4. Spinel. A red crystal that aids healing. It can increase energy flows and boost your ability to focus.
  5. Carnelian. A orange crystal that aids healing. It can banish stress and boost creativity.
  6. Sunstone. A orange crystal that aids power. It can increase self-worth and our sense of fight.
  7. Emerald. A green crystal that aids harmony. It can assist with love and locating hidden fears.
  8. Malachite. A green crystal that aids balancing. It can remove negative energies and is associated with protection.
  9. Angelite. A blue crystal that aids peacefulness. It can soothe emotions and bring inner quite.
  10. Celestite. A blue crystal that aids inspiration. It can help reveal new ideas and improve your mood.
  11. Sapphire. A indigo crystal that aids equilibrium. It can help guard against envy and increase wisdom.
  12. Kyanite. A indigo crystal that aids communication. It can help clear your thoughts and calm emotions.
  13. Moonstone. A white crystal that aids lunar energy. It can calm the body and help increase empathy.
  14. Selenite. A white crystal that aids clarity. It can ease resentment and reduce bad thoughts.

It is important to understand that a particular crystal can appear in other colours (e.g. spinel can also be found in blue or green) - where colour differences are usually caused through impurities or variations in heat, light, etc.

Other Crystals

Citrine Crystal - with its orangey yellow glow, citrine helps aid cheerfulness.

There are other crystals that are not necessarily associated with specific chakras (although this doesn't impede their benefits). For example:

  1. Citrine. A yellow crystal that aids cheerfulness. It can increase comfort and help breeze away the winter blues.
  2. Topaz. A yellow crystal that aids confidence. It can boost leadership and promote inner-strength.
  3. Snowflake Obsidian. A black/silver crystal that aids well being. It can reduce digestive upsets and help you confront hidden thoughts/feelings.
  4. Haematite. A black/silver crystal that aids your energy levels. It can increase optimism and support your life force.
  5. Unakite. A multi-coloured crystal that aids perspective. It can help you take a step back from your problems and increase self-worth.
  6. Tourmaline. A multi-coloured crystal that aids health. It can boost your immune system and reduce muscular pains.


Crystal Cleaning - running a crystal under water can help to remove dirt.

Crystals should be cleaned before first use and after use (i.e. after they have been used for healing/meditation). This is because they can become "dirty" by having drawn off unwanted energies from your body/chakras. As such, cleaning can make use of:

  • Physical cleaning. The crystal is ran under (or soaked in) water to help remove dirt. This method is not suitable for dissolvable crystals (such as halite/salt).
  • Psychic cleaning. The crystal is subjected to air/wind/energy from the users mind - where the user meditates and visualises dirt being brushed away.
  • Proximity cleaning. The crystal is placed in a pile of other similar crystals - which when left overnight (e.g.) help to realign its energies.

Basically, take care of your crystals - and they will help take care of you!


We have seen that crystals can provide the wielder with many potential health benefits (although they should of course be used in moderation with other remedies). It is interesting to realise that they come from the Earth, and as such may just be imbued with powers that can help us feel less stressed in this modern world - especially when many connections to nature are restricted to us in our busy lives. Personally, I find the "cold" sensation that occurs when you place a crystal on your skin quite relaxing (at the very least) - and I believe that they help reduce stress.

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