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Dragons of Atlantis - Great Dragon

There be such things as Dragon Sickness. It creeps right to the Heart, of even the most Stalwart of Dragons. In a moment of Madness, did a Pool of Gold besiege my Great Dragon - a Quest for his Dragon's Armour, and an order for his Commander ... March my entire Army into the Heart of a level 11 Anthropus Camp - and reclaim my Armour! Madness you say? Well ... Here is how my Dragon, and his Fantasy Realm have grown, over the past three weeks:

Dragons of Atlantis - Great Dragon

There are those that say you learn more from your mistakes, then you do from your victories ... In this Dragon's Lust, was this certainly true - for an entire Army lost, on the whim of a Dragon! But, for those that are bold and fearless - a rise in power, unequal to any other (which took less than a minute to achieve). Through this Madness, did I rise my Commander's power, by more than a million! Having no Troops with which to defend my First City (and having just lost 288k power), it was to the Treasure Chests again ... It was here that I found more power through Fortune plus Troops: Thunder Golems (plus 160k power), Storm Drakes (plus 30k power), Dark Slayers (plus 400k power), Steelshard Harriers (plus 20k power) and in Giddying Heights (plus 500k power - from God knows what!). Thus, was my Dragon's Commander - now a Viceroy, with just over 1.25 million power ... But, what of my Dragon's Armour? It is here that this Dragon's Sickness spread, to my Adventurer Tyche - who herself, had a mission of her own: to gather as many ingredients for The Forge (as possible). Now, having become disillusioned with the fruits of longer Adventures (such as Investigate the Sky Temples), it was time to try something different: thirty four Adventures to Scouting the Anthropus. Some might call this Dragon Lust, but with a Quest to Consult the Ancients (for a check of what she had just done), followed by a Quest to Reap What Has Been Sown - did the Forges of this Dragon Land, rush forth with Molten Gold! At first was there Battle Dragon Plating (plus 2k power). At second was there a Minotaur Amulet (plus 2k power). At third was there Armoured Transport Plating (plus 1.5k power) ... At sixth was there a Halberdsman Shield (plus 2.5k power) ... At eleventh was there Swift Strike Dragon Plating (plus 2k power). At twelfth was there ... But, what of my Dragon's Armour? Well, it's not in the Forge! Don't tell me that, go out and find it!! Well ... Even Molten Gold must solidify, thus it was with an Attack upon a level 7 Anthropus Camp, where I first found a piece of Dragon Armour - my Great Dragon's Claw Guards! Then did the Dragon Sickness return ... For it was Quest upon Quest, to attack Anthropus Camps (of medium to high levels) to win the remaining pieces of Armour. At times was this a difficult Quest (particularly in terms of patience) - as it took just under two weeks, to find the remaining three pieces! I was fortunate that there was a level eight Anthropus Camp, and a level seven Anthropus Camp - both within a minute or so's march time (of my First City). I kept hitting both of these, intermixed with some level nines and tens. In each attack, did my Dragon's Commander march his entire Army in (some sixty thousand troops) - and my Army hardly ever lost, any men. I suspect that the main reason for this, was the fact I had countless long-bowman (ten thousand or so), with three hundred Armoured Transports (which they travelled in). Often, did my Army return with few spoils of war (at least in the form of Dragon Armour) - as it was far more common, for them to return with resources (such as food). I'd tried hitting the same camp all the time, but that tactic did not work for me - as it frequently yielded zero items (and resources). As such, my Dragon's Commander also hit camps further away (to allow the closer ones a chance to re-spawn), and also hit level nine and ten camps (to increase his chances - of finding Dragon Armour). I found that I only ever earned one piece of Great Dragon Armour at a time, and that there was several days between each find ... During all of this, did my Great Dragon - wait patiently in his Dragon's Keep! And upon the last piece of Dragon Armour won? An excited Dragon (and player), whose Great Dragon was now fully equipped with: Claw Guards, Body Armour, Helmet and Tail Guard. It was with a visit to my Dragon's Keep, that I became excited - as my draw dropped, when first I saw my Great Dragon dressed in all his Armour! I was more than pleased - as my Great Dragon, now looked like a Battle Dragon! It was as though my Great Dragon, could fight an entire Army - just by himself :) Overall: A challenging three weeks in Dragons of Atlantis. Being part of an Alliance, I found it necessary to ignore any demands from them (I only had time to keep sending my Army out into battle). The Quest for my Great Dragon Armour, often seemed a fruitless one! But, the feeling of satisfaction (when you've won all four pieces) - is something that won't be beaten easily :) Dragon Gold, Dragon Armour!

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