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Dragons of Atlantis - My Commander

My Commander's first days within The Alliance were marred with feelings of inferiority - as his Power Levels paled in comparison to his Over-Lords. Added to this, was the fact that no sooner had he joined The Alliance, than the Sentinel informed him of an impending Attack (on his First City). Here is how my Commander, and his Fantasy Realm have grown - over the past week:

Dragons of Atlantis - My Commander

That first Attack breached my City's Wall, and the enemy Commander made away with much of my City's Gold and Metal. The Attack Commander also slew all of my Wall's defenders (1692 Troops - including Halberdsman, Minotaurs, Swift Strike Dragons and Battle Dragons). My Commander had not known, that such low points existed! Fortunately (when it felt like he was on his knees), did he decide to open a Treasure Chest (or two). It was here that Fortune decided to shine upon him - as (from the Chests) did he gain: 3000 Storm Drakes and 50 Abyssal Ravagers. These Troops went straight to his City's Wall! Now, having had a long hard day, rebuilding his Resources and upgrading his Resource structures (Farms, Lumber-mills, Mines and Quarries) - did my Commander decide to put his feet up for the Evening (knowing that tomorrow would bring an upgrade to his Dragon's keep). But, when Morning came - it was not pleasant Fires of Dragon, as he had underestimated something: Storm Drakes and Abyssal Ravagers have massive food requirements, and Overnight - they'd eaten all of his Food Resources! Thus, with zero Food was it no Dragon's keep, and more drastically - no upgrades at all ... What could be done? Well ... With some head scratching, did I find a temporary solution: attack Anthropus Camps and Plunder their Resources. But, then was my Commander surprised - as he lost nearly all his Swift Strike Dragons and 9 Abyssal Ravagers when attacking a level 4 Anthropus Camp (I know!). There had to be a better solution (at least until his Army was big enough to dominate). With a question to The Alliance, did an answer manifest: the Transfer of Goods from higher-powered Alliance Members (e.g. with 9 million Food transferred from an Over-Lord, was it more than enough to feed his Storm Drakes and Abyssal Ravagers for a few days). Thus, the debate over whether my Commander should have joined The Alliance (or not) had been answered ... Even more importantly, it meant that I could resume the build-up of my First City (and continue to both grow, and support it's Army). It was here that I first learned about Power: the upgrading of Homes (to higher-levels) resulted in significant Power increases (plus 320, plus 640) - as did the upgrading of Lumber-mills (plus 128, plus 256). Thus, did I begin to understand how my Commander's Power Levels could grow! It was then that I realised (for the first time) that training Troops also increased my Commander's Power - although that was as nothing, when compared to the Power raised when those Treasure Chests gave me 3000 Storm Drakes in one go (aka plus 30 thousand Power). My Commander found that he was raising in Power quite quickly at this time - as he unlocked the Rank of High Commander, then of Legate, then of Elder. It was also then, that I realised that the bar at the top of the game screen (the one that shows your Commander's level) also happens to show how much Power remains - to your next Commander level. As such, my Commander started to obsess about his Power Level! At first, I started to investigate the Trade button. I observed that I could sell City Resources for Dragon Gold! Thus, was I glad that I had decided to build 8 Quarries (and carried out several levels of Masonry Research) - as this meant that I had a surplus of Stone. I wasn't sure what to sell it for - so I tried five-hundred thousand Stone, for fifty thousand Gold. It sold! Interesting I thought, that's one form of Power ... But, is there another? Oh yes, there is - I found it! The Forge ... Now, initially the Forge had confused me - as I couldn't seem to Forge anything. But, once I realised that you have to send your Adventurer out (to gather ingredients for the Forge) - then it made perfect sense! Thus, did my Adventurer (Tyche) start upon Quests of her own: Search the Shadows, Venture into the Mortal Mire, Scouting the Anthropus (really quite useful for low-level Forges) and Consult the Ancients. Whilst Adventuring, I noticed two key-points: first that Tyche was levelling up, and more importantly - that Tyche was bringing back ingredients for the Forge. Thus, to the Forge's Blacksmith did my Commander go. With a strike of a Hammer, did he Forge a Conscript Hammer (plus 1500 Power). With a strike of a Hammer, did he Forge a Conscript Amulet (plus 2000 Power). Well, now I thought - this is Power! Except, he broke his Hammer ... Overall: this has been an exciting week in Dragons of Atlantis. It has seen my City transform (from good foundations to strong foundations), and it has seen my Commander grow in Power (even if I feel - that he still needs more Troops in his Army). With my Commander's ability to Trade, receive Resources (from Allies) and Forge for Power - I have really started to enjoy this game!

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