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Eastern Western Dragon

Twisting through the Rivers of Time, comes a dragon whose aligned with the Elements of Five:

Eastern Western Dragon - Victorian Hawk

In the depths of the Forests, in the roots of the Trees - with the power of Nature, this dragon shall be found: Green (Earth). In the strengths of the Castle, in the foundations of the Empire - with the intelligence of Creation, this dragon shall be found: Grey (Air). In the desires of the Heart, in the lusts of the Battle - with the passion of Love, this dragon shall be found: Red (Fire). In the rush of the Seas, in the beauty of the Winter - with the depths of the Ocean, this dragon shall be found: Blue (Water). In the wisdom of the Old, in the determine of the Young - with the knowledge of the Wise, this dragon shall be found: Brown (Spirit). Hi there! I'm the Victorian Hawk Eastern Western Dragon, whose favourite pastimes include: breathing fire, demolishing castles and travelling the Oceans of Fantasy (helping you to find your next fantasy review). I was born in the mind of an Artist, sketched with a HB (pencil), and coloured with several Derwent Studio (colouring pencils). I love the fact that I have captured the concept of a Vortex: a Vortex of Fantasy - where the Warriors of the Realms, and the Steeds of the Mighty, ride into your Heart. I also love the fact that my purple/violet wings are large and powerful: as I use them to fly around the Realms of Fantasy - where the Elves have built their Kingdoms in the Trees, and the Kings/Queens have built their Citadels of Power, to the Edge of the Sea, and the Darkness of the Caves, I collect my Dragons Hoard! Yet in Forest Castle, did the Artist draw me: an outline in Ink, with the colouring of Derwent (Studio pencils) and the blending/smudging of the pigments (with the end of a fingertip). Yet upon the Table of Knights, was a lesson Carved in Stone: when colouring at an edge, use a finger to guide your path (as the tip of the pencil butts/hits against your finger - you shall avoid going over the Ink). That's me for today, my Dragon Claws have sharpened! Only time will tell, what you think of my Dragons Hoard. Overall: I like the fact that I am a Dragon, with Elements from both East and West, these Gates of Fantasy have been opened!

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