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Evanescent - The Butterfly in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Ammonites of these Clouds, and Eyes of the Flutterer, what is it that you Feel, when this Fairy - sat upon this Peak?

Evanescent - The Butterfly in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Heavens of this Day, in the Wisps of the Vapours - with the twists of a Tail, posed Evanescent. To the Climb of this Rhyme, in the Thoughts of a Dragon's - with the souls of the Wise, mused Evanescent. To the Rocks of this Realm, in the Seas of the Angels - with the whispers of a Queen, dark Evanescent. In the Spiral of his Thoughts, with the hidden of a Riddle - two Flutters of Mind, Evanescent and Reign. I am impressed with the fact, that Rachel has chosen at least, two themes for this artwork - and that each theme, is in balance with the other. I feel that the first theme, is that of Guardianship. For I detect, three sets of Eyes looking at me - the Fairy's (indirectly), the Dragon's (directly), and in true Fairy Glamour, those large Eyes at the top of the Butterfly wings! Of these, it seems as though the Butterfly's are the most dominant - as I feel as though, they are winking at me :) In doing so, do these Butterfly's Eyes - bring balance to the upper half of the image, as their bounding darkness (aka black), offsets the lighter tones of the clouds, that rise throughout the image. And in doing so, does Rachel achieve an important effect - she brings height to her Fairy :) I feel that the second theme, is that of a Quest to Climb. This Dragon's Tail, wraps around this Fairy's legs - which both spirals me up, and into the centre of the artwork. Yet that is not all, for does the shape of the Mountain, and the angle of this Fairy's legs (and her dress) - both work together, pulling me upwards, and into the centre of the artwork. Why has Rachel done this? To ensure that this Fairy, is the focal point of your eyes :) Indeed, is this a powerful effect to achieve, whilst maintaining balance within the artwork - because of this Fairy's, darker skin tone. Rachel has added balance, to allow you to focus on the Fairy, by darkening the shades of the Mountain. The Mountain itself, plays right into - this Dragon's Riddle. What possible reason could there be, for the Mountain to be covered in Ammonites? It seems to me, that this Dragon's Tail, reflects the Curves of the Ammonites - as does the Dragon's colour. It also seems to me, that this Dragon's Wings are the same as Fairy's Wings - with similar shades and patterns (albeit on a different scale). Thus is there a connection, between the Ammonites and the Dragon, and between the Dragon and the Fairy. That connection is the Mountain. It's the Roots of the Fairy, and the Roots of the Dragon. It shows their Ancestral past. It shows their Celestial future. What of Rachel's choice of colour? Except for the browns of the Fairy, and the whites of the Dragon, I detect two shades of a primary colour - that of Purple. The darker Purple, is found upon this Fairy's dress, which together with the whispers, found upon her Fairy Wings - speak to me of Royalty. Perhaps she is a Fairy Queen? Whether a Queen of Elements, or a Queen of Butterflies - I cannot say ... Perhaps both? On the other hand, does the lighter Purple, the Lavender - speak to me of both the delicate, and the refinement of this Fairy and her Dragon. This Fairy Queen, may very well sit upon the Mountain Top - but in Gusts of Wind, has she fought her way, to be at the Apex of both her, and her Dragon's Power. Overall: An unusual scene of Fairyland, that shows more connections - between Dragon's and their Fairies. I love the fact that Rachel has chosen to represent, a different Fairy to what we might expect to encounter, at the tip of a Mountain, and at the base of the Clouds. As this Fairy Roots on Mountain, the Foundation Power of Dragon Kin, brought her a Scene - Evanescent plus Eye.

04/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Fairyland

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