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Fantasy Genres

Adventure Fantasy - a warrior ready for adventure, with his battleaxe, sword and shield.


Fantasy that involves a character (or characters) undertaking a specific quest/journey.


Fantasy that's based on history – but featuring a different ending/outcome.


Fantasy that evolves around King Arthur and his realm of Camelot.

Comical Fantasy - a stone age caveman kicking a stone wheel along, whilst grinning.


Fantasy that involves comedy in its storyline and characters.


Fantasy that features both the real “modern world” and a fantasy “hidden world”.


Fantasy that involves characters travelling between worlds (via a portal of some kind).

Dark Fantasy - a brown haired werewolf growling, whist tearing at the remnants of his clothing.


Fantasy that involves “creatures of the night” (such as vampires and werewolves).


Fantasy that involves a large geographical world and/or vast battles between good and evil.


Fantasy that involves “steamy scenes” between its main characters.

Fairytale Fantasy - a fairy godmother, dressed in beige, enchanting an orange pumpkin with her wand.


Fantasy that involves fairies and/or stories/knowledge that are (mostly) suitable for children.


Fantasy that evolves around the traditional songs/stories of a particular people/race.


Fantasy that relates to barbaric tribes and/or seeks to emphasise the extravagant/mysterious.

Heroic Fantasy - a king of old, with his long grey hair, but still with strength in his armour.


Fantasy that evolves around the development/story of one particular character.


Fantasy that involves intelligent/magical beings (such as Dragons, Elves and Wizards).


Fantasy that's based on history – but may be portrayed by different beings and/or worlds.

Horror Fantasy - a green faced, brown eyed Frankenstein, with steel bolts through his neck.


Fantasy that involves its characters in scary plots and/or aims to scare the reader.


Fantasy that merges two or more other genres together (such as High and Epic).


Fantasy that seems more “everyday” and/or features few traditional elements (such as magic).

Magical Fantasy - an old and powerful wizard, with his long white beard, blue robes and brown staff.


Fantasy that focuses on magic and/or its portrayal through witches, wizards and warlocks.


Fantasy that evolves around knights, castles and their merry jesters (but is not Arthurian).


Fantasy that evolves around a “band of brothers” and/or how the military is portrayed.

Mythical Fantasy - a brown and golden centaur, standing tall and proud, with his hands on his hips.


Fantasy that evolves around classical beings (such as centaurs and titans).


Fantasy that involves beings such as ghosts and/or happenings that “can't be explained”.


Fantasy that “could actually happen” and/or has sensible limitations on its characters abilities.

Romantic Fantasy - an attractive blond haired woman, wearing red lipstick, with a gentleman standing at her back.


Fantasy that concentrates on the “love life” between various characters.

Science Fiction

Fantasy that's based on science and/or “believed to be possible one day”.


Fantasy that evolves around characters with superhuman strength and abilities.

Sword and Planet Fantasy - a smaller spaceship heads for a planets surface, after having emerged from within a larger spaceship.

Sword and Planet

Fantasy that involves honourable sword fighting - together with interstellar travel.

Sword and Sorcery

Fantasy that involves honourable sword fighting - together with good/evil magic.


Fantasy that is located within a town/city but also happens to have a fantasy “hidden world”.


Fantasy that doesn't follow a linear/sensible storyline and/or is based in a totally alien world.

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