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Gothic Girl - Lavender Moonlight Cemetery Goth

Does she dance through the Twilight of a Lavender Moon? Does she tease through the Moonlight of a Cemetery's Realm? Does she muse through the timeless of a Gothic's Renaissance? Does she flirt through the ageless of a Knowing Grave? Why yes she does! For she's - a Lavender's Moonlight Cemetery Goth:

Gothic Girl - Lavender Moonlight Cemetery Goth

When this Gothic Girl came out this Night ... She tinted her hair in Lavender red, donned Lavender skirt in ruffled of fold. She draped her Little-Black-Top, known Tightest Line upon her chest. She wrapped around her Cross of Cross, pulled Boot of Boot upon her legs. She'd wrote on her - Tattoo of bird, Tattoo of cross. She'd scribed on her - Tattoo of flower, Tattoo of web :) For this Gothic Girl, knew only too well, just what it is - this Path of Goth ... With Tomb for friend, and Autumn for bed. With Stone for Rune, and Rustle for breath. With Metal for Cross, and Silver for Jewel. With Soul for inch, and Curve for thigh. She'd wrote on her - Tattoo of root, Tattoo of branch. She'd scribed on her - Tattoo of vine, Tattoo of mine. This Gothic Path, this Gothic Way :) She'd crossed her legs upon thy ground, and sat upon this Gothic bed. She'd leaned her back against thy arm, and run her fingers through her hair. She'd arched her brows above her eyes, and pursed her mouth for subtle kiss. This Kiss of Goth she knew too well - for silver light of Moon in Night, did cast it's spells upon her form! In sensual looks of female kind, she spoke of Flower, she spoke of Night. In dreamy time of teenage look, she spoke of Thorn, she spoke of Petal. In knowing gaze of womanhood, she spoke of Seed, she spoke of Rebel :) For this Goth of Goths revelled in different ... Ssshhh!!! With Goth spelled Cemetery - she loved thy Tombstones and their Art. With Goth spelled Vampire - she loved thy Masters and their Coffins. With Goth spelled Pagan - she loved thy Nature and her Tattoos. With Goth spelled Kindergoth - she loved thy Young Ones and their Boots. With Goth spelled Punk - she loved thy Hairstyles and her Highlights. With Goth spelled Victorian - she loved Romancing and her Manners. With Goth spelled Christian - she loved thy Values and her Roots. With Goth spelled Wiccan - she loved thy Witchcraft and her Seasons. With Goth spelled Uber - she loved thy Statements and her Fashion :) Ssshhh!!! For she walked the Path - of a Lavender's Moonlight Cemetery Goth ... Her Midnight's Kiss was most aligned, with Lure of Heart, and Catch of Soul. Her Midnight's Hug was most aligned, with Brace of Rose, and Neck of Charm. Her Midnight's Love was most aligned, with Quite of Grave, and Warmth of Stone. Her Midnight's Power was most aligned, with Call of Goth, and Rise of Moon! For in Lavender's Light - Dancing Petal, Dancing Leaf. For in Lavender's Hue - shimmered Hair, shimmered Skirt. For in Cemetery's Light - Age of Stone, Age of Tomb. For in Cemetery's Hue - sparkled Grave, sparkled Rune. Ssshhh!!! Whose Grave is that? I do not know ... Whose Tomb is that? I do not know ... Whose Name is that? I do not know ... Whose Writing is that? I do not know ... Whose Cross is that? I do not know ... Whose Cemetery is that? I do not know ... Ssshhh!!! For this Gothic Girl - had cast her Spell :) I felt it now, this Call of Goth. I knew it now, this Word of Goth. I knew at once, which Path to take! Ssshhh!!! For this Gothic Girl - had called to me :) A Midnight's Kiss in Graveyard's Dawn. A Midnight's Brace in Graveyard's Time. A Midnight's Song in Power of Moon! Ssshhh!!! Thus it was, we first met - at this Grave, in Midnight's Realm :) Her Gothic Beauty, Charm of Night. Her Twist of Faith, Good as Bad. Her Sense of Self, Right as One. Her Gothic Style, Mix of Many. Her Gothic Looks, Tempt of One. Her Gothic Pose, Lust of Night. Her Gothic Stance, Felt so Right ... For all of Air, and all of Dew - smelled all at Once, of Gothic Girl :) She knew it's name, as did I - a Midnight's Kiss, of Lavender's Realm. This smell of Love, my Gothic Girl. This smell of Night, my Gothic Way :)

10/10/2017 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Tom Wood Fantasy Art | About Goths

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