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Iridescent - The Rainbow in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Dragons of this Palm, and Keys of the Fairies, what is it that you Dream, when a Fairy - looks you in the Eye?

Iridescent - The Rainbow in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Forests of the Earth, in the Roots of the Leaves - with a poise of her Form, stood Iridescent. To the Curls of his Tail, in the Hands of a Fairy - with the look of a Dragon, thought Iridescent. To the Portal of this Land, in the Colours of a Rainbow - with the Jewel of a Crown, stared Iridescent. In the Pulse of this Portal, with the hint of a Wave - two Wisps of a Tale, Iridescent of Dragon Land. I love the fact that there's a link, between the two main layers of this artwork, and that this link only makes sense when it is viewed as a whole. First, there is the background layer - which combines Foliage of the Earth, with Portal of the Faerie ... On this layer, I feel that the foliage represents the natural grounding of the Earth, whilst the portal suggests a Flight of Fantasy. Second, there is the layer with the Fairy and her Dragon - which combines Devotion of the Royal, with Calming of the Mythical ... On this layer, I feel that the purple dress is indicative of a Fairy Queen, whilst the Dragon in blue - is suggestive of a Dragon at ease. Yet, it is when these two layers are taken together, that the link - explains itself ... For I feel that this Fairy is a Dimensional Queen, who by looking into Dragon's Eyes - opens Fairy Portal. I feel that the Dragon is in command of this portal, and that this portal has the ability to play with Fairy Glamour ... There's glamour at the edge of the portal - as at first glance, do I see the waves of a Nebula (especially on the top left and right), which could also simply be, the branches of an over-hanging canopy. There's glamour at the centre of the portal - as I feel that it's a daylight sky (with clouds of white), as opposed to night (that's implied by the rest of the image). There's glamour in the portal's Moon - for although there's Moonlight, could this not be, a key to Dragon Land? If that were so, then it seems, this Fairy's Wings - are poised for flight ... Perhaps indeed, within this Dream, does this Fairy turn - and fly to Dragon Land? For here do we find the twist in Faerie ... With a flap of her wings, do we foresee - that the colours, and the shades upon this Fairy's Wings, are the same as Dragon Wings! Perhaps indeed, this Fairy and her Dragon - are akin to each other? If that were so, then Rachel's use of red (upon the two Ruby Jewels) only strengthens this idea - of Fairy Dragon. In doing so, I feel that Rachel chose her colours wisely - to suggest both hidden links and meanings ... For example, it is here in stimulating blue, that we find both Loyalty and Trust - between the Fairy, and her Dragon. It is also here in tantalising purple, that we find both Creativity and Mystery ... For in Fairy Dress, with highlight tones, and depths of shadow - does Fairy speak, ambitious Folds! Yet, there is also another link between Iridescent and the colour purple ... For in delicate Lavender, do I find the flowers at the bottom of her dress - which remind me of the delicate in Fairy (as implied by the poise of Iridescent's left hand). Overall: A stunning Fairy of the Moonlight Realms - whose gaze speaks both of Dragon, and of Dragon Land. I especially love the Fairy Glamour (that's present within this artwork) - both upon the background, and between the Fairy and her Dragon. To this Dragon Land, with Flaps of Wing, I thought of - Iridescent and Me ...

01/09/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Dragon Land

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