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Luminescent - The Moonlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Ammonites of this Time, and Ferns of the Ageless, what is it that you Sea, when this Fairy - sat upon these Stones?

Luminescent - The Moonlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Moonlight of this Night, in the Stars of the Cosmos - with the shape of a Rune, read Luminescent. To the Loops of this Scroll, in the Writings of a Dragon - with the glow of the Lunar, shone Luminescent. To the Stones of this Land, in the Hidden of this Realm - with the speak of a Moonstone, showed Luminescent. In the Curves of his Tongue, with the hint of a Meaning - two Spirals of Thought, Luminescent and Wise. I feel that this artwork is full of hidden meanings, that stem particularly, from the mystery - of the Glowing Runes. Such hidden meanings, are dependant upon - both the Moonlight of this scene, and the position of the Dragon. As such, it seems to me, that this Dragon shares with this Fairy - the secrets of a Dragon's Tale. I speak in Elven: the magic of the Moon, and of it's Lunar Verse. The Moon is the Key, which unlocks this Dragon's Tale. It empowers the Runes, which glow in turquoise, and link themselves in colour - to this Dragon's Tail. I speak in Dwarven: the masters of Stone, and hammerers of these - Lunar Scribes. The Stone is a medium, which contains this Dragon's Glyphs. It's colours in grey, contrast the Runes - that trace out a Path, reminiscent of spiral plus curve (the Dragon's Tail). I speak in Dragon: the Seers of this Language, and Wards of this - Dragon Land. The Language is Art, which contains this - Dragon's Verse. It's words link the Runes, which give height to the scene, and bring balance to the centre of this - Fantasy Dream. What of this Dragon's Tale? Well ... When I look at the base of the ground (at the bottom of this Fairy's Dress), did I notice the Curves of the Ancient - that of a long gone Sea Creature: the tell-tale-shapes of Ammonite. Perhaps indeed, there's a connection - between this Dragon and the Ammonites. What could such a connection be? Well ... I feel as though were looking at the Dragon's past. Perhaps this Dragon was once an Ammonite? If that were so, then it seems as if, these Waves of Rune-light, have pulled back the Tide - to give us a glimpse, of what once had been! I find it hard to say, whether the Fairy has noticed these Ammonites or not - as her gaze would appear to be, just for the Dragon and his Runes. As such, I feel that the Stones and their Runes, are Keys to the Past - both Dragon and Land. And yet, if we look at the Ferns (at the base of this image), is there a twist - of Fairy Glamour! For in the green of the Ferns, tinted by Moon - do I foresee, Pastures of New. What could such Pastures be? Well ... If we look at the Wings of this Fairy, then it is easy to see - that both their shape and their colour, are the same as Dragon Wings! If we also look, at this Fairy's hair - then at first glance, does it Shimmer of Old. Yet, with a look at her skin - does this Fairy's hair, Shimmer of New. Thus, do I feel that these Pastures of New, are reminiscent of Butterfly (the shape of the Fairy plus Dragon Wings), together with the White of the Moon: the Magic of Fairy to be found, at the rise of this - New Moon! The never ending cycle of Moonlight - that sees both Butterfly and Dragon, uncoil and fly this Night. Overall: An exciting Fantasy scene, that speaks of Moonlight - within the context of a Dragon's Tale. I love the way that Rachel has captured the authority of the Dragon - it's as though this Fairy has settled down, to be charmed by this Bedtime Tale. As this Fairy Dreams of Sleep, the gentle Wisps of Dragon Power, showed her a Scene of - Luminescent plus Tail.

24/09/2015 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Dragon Land

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