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Mythical Creatures And Their Realms Of Fantasy

These creatures inhabit our minds – and some may even inhabit the Earth!


Dwarf - ready for battle with his long orange beard.

These squat folk have always been interested in the treasures of the earth. As such, they have dug vast underground kingdoms in the search of precious metal and stone. Such kingdoms never see the light of day – but have a beauty all of their own: vast pillars embedded with gems that rise from highly polished mar-belled floors to gold laced ceilings that twinkle with starlight. In recent times, dwarfs have been forced to become proficient fighters: since their kingdoms have crossed into that of sleeping dragons and ancient spiders. Because dwarfs spend most of their time underground, they have grown to reflect the unyielding rock – and are very stubborn!


Elf - with her long blonde hair blowing softly in the wind.

The helpers of Santa are not the original view of Elves. Elves are instead a far older race – that feature in the past of many cultures. They are fine boned, have silken locks, equal to men in height – and are surpassing to men in terms of spirituality (owing to the fact that they live in harmony with nature). They can chat with the animals, talk to the trees and run with the horses. The purest vitae runs through their veins – and they have access to ancient magic's for healing and protection (amongst others). They live in mighty citadels – or high within trees. In times of war, they attack with the ferocity of the elements: using bows, swords and Elven dragons.


Western Dragon - with orange red skin and powerful wings, standing breathing fire!

Some of the oldest creatures in the world. There are many incarnations, but all fall into two basic types: eastern and western.

Eastern dragons are likely to be aligned to each of the elements – including spirit. They can feature the gentle qualities of each – but in times of war shall accompany men and Elves on the battlefield. They tend to have long elongated bodies, and some even have the ability to assume human form. They are always associated with the higher kingdoms of wisdom.

Western dragons are far more benevolent: huge ill-tempered beasts that owe allegiance to no race. They almost always breath fire, have many pointed teeth, tough armoured sides and powerful limbs – all which allow them to grind castles into the ground. They may also fly – and the kidnapping of damsels is a favourite past-time.

And yet, both types are hoarders of treasures (ranging from gold through to butterflies) and may live any place they wish (on account of their size!). In recent times, some dragons may have retreated to the darkest places of the Earth (including caves and ruined castles) – but there is one thing you can be sure of: they shall endure to the end of time.

Dragons also feature in Chinese astrology: where such individuals exude confidence and are prone to fiery outbursts!


Griffin - sitting upright with his lion face and eagle wings.

Their main role has always been as guardians. This is because in carrying the rays of the sun, they possess an amazing resilience against all forms of evil. Do not think to entice one of these away from the treasure or tomb that it guards – as it is far more likely that you would become entombed yourself. It is a hybrid creature – with only the greatest treasures warranting guardianship by the lion/eagle variation. As such, many Pharaohs still rest under their watchful eyes.


Mermaid - with her long blue hair and powerful green tail, she'll pull you under.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and for many beholders these women have spelt doom. Too many captains have sailed there vessels onto rocks whilst lost in the eyes of these ladies of the sea. Being half fish and half female, they swim up from the deadly depths to cause havoc on the surface. They often ride at the front of mighty hurricanes – reminding us all of the power of the sea. Even Elves must fight the call of a mermaid – or be dragged down to the deadly depths. Depths where sub-subterranean palaces have been constructed – well beyond the reach of even the strongest man.


Serpent - wrapped around a tree, tempting you to eat that apple!

Known as the great tempters – because of their ability to charm. Far too many have looked into the eyes of the serpent – and fallen in. Perhaps it is to do with their affiliation with water: that element which we all need. But, all too easily, we forget that this same element carved out many of the features on this ancient landscape. Their ability to endure, has caused them to become entwined with patience. There ability to shed skins means they shall always be entwined with transformation and renewal. Their deceptive ways (including mistaking them as an Eastern dragon) means they are also regarded with procreation – and the ability to grant both death and life.

Of all the serpents, those that live in the sea may be the largest. They live in the greatest depths, but visit the surface from time-to-time. When they do, they entice ships off course – before dragging them to their doom.

Upon meeting a serpent, you can be sure of one thing: your life is about to fork in one of two directions.

Serpents also feature in Chinese astrology: where such individuals remain cool in any situation, and suffer an obsession with fashion accessories, all of which help to seduce and control other “mere mortals”.


Spider - all in black with red eyes and a blue to white web.

Eight legged giants that dwell deep within the Earth – with only their youngest descendants operating near the surface. The eldest are viewed as gods, because they have the ability to weave webs of fate through time and space. The youngest spiders weave webs of imprisonment around artefacts of man – which although easily broken, can instil powerful images of ages past. All spiders retain their deadliest ability: to cause instant fear and/or respect. It is also believed that men bitten by spiders gain an important attribute: the ability to push through any task set before them. Long after man has passed, the spider shall endure.


Unicorn - looking to the left, with golden hooves, horn and mane.

The illusive father of all modern horses. They are known to almost every culture in the world – but rarely seen. Within the wilderness, they often wander alone – and usually appear to be extremely gentle. But sometimes, they may stampede side-by-side like the crest of a mighty wave – washing away all taints of evil and corruption. As such, they are often regarded as fierce and impossible to capture. Despite this, they may also become the trusty steed of many virgin knights – and accompany them on dangerous quests for purity and kingship. They are also linked with lunar energies – and will survive till the end of times.


Werewolf - with red eyes, growling whilst standing infront of a full moon.

Many men aspire to be greater than they are. One such path may be that of the werewolf – but is is a double handed path. On the one hand, such a man would gain acute senses (such as sight, smell and hearing) together with increased strength, the ability to heal almost any wound, be long-lived and gain positions of power (over time). But, on the other hand, they are forced to endure the transition to wolf every full moon, where the wolves instincts shall come to the front – and as a result, they are likely to be hunted by other men.

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