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Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

I like the way that Tinker Bells inquisitive personality is portrayed within:

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue - Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!

Despite being told that humans and fairies don't mix, Tinker Bell is unable to resist tinkering with a horse-less carriage, which eventually leads her to meet Lizzy, a young girl whose fascinated by fairies. Lizzy and her father are at logger-heads over her stance/belief in fairies, and Tinker Bell eventually manages to fix this. My three favourite comedy scenes are: when Fawn twists her leg back into shape (only to discover it is in fact Rosetta's leg), Rosetta initially refusing to cross a river of mud (although she is in-fact a Garden Fairy) and when the fairies take it in turns to bonk down on Clanks head (just after they opened the door to the human house). The film has helped me to remember something: even when snowed under, you should still take some time for yourself/family, even if its just for a couple of minutes, to help remember how great it is to be alive! I just love that saying: Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!

15/10/2014 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Great Fairy Rescue (Official Trailer)

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