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Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure

Responsibility and Adventure go hand-in-hand within Tinker Bells next movie:

Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure - A Treasure Quest for Tinker Bell!

I like the fact that the term lost treasure has several meanings within the storyline, with each meaning stemming from the fact that Tinker Bell is still finding her feet. The first treasure Tinker Bell loses is her friend Terence - when she is mean to him. The second treasure Tinker Bell loses is the Moonstone - when it gets smashed to bits. The third treasure Tinker Bell loses is her wish - when she blames Blaze for things going wrong. In each case, its really Tinker Bells temper that has caused the issue. Yes there's a treasure quest (to retrieve a magic mirror from an old Pirate Ship), but the quest is also about Tinker Bell learning to control her temper and learning to take responsibility for her actions. My three favourite comedy scenes are: when Tinker Bell is passed out on the floor (when learning that the Moonstone is one of a kind), when Fairy Mary is passed out on the floor (when seeing what Tinker Bell has done to the Moonstone) and when Bobble/Clank both get fired from their fireworks machine (as rope was hooked around their feet). Overall: an enjoyable tale that helps teach you the facts that not all treasures are gemstones and true treasures are only ever in your heart.

16/05/2014 | Victorian Hawk | Web: Lost Treasure (Trailer)

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