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Titania - Queen of Fairies - Rachel Anderson

Fairy Glamour robes of Fine. Fairy Glamour masks of Flower. Born of Drama and of Moonlight - this Lavender Fairy, donned Mask of Fairy Queen:

Titania - Queen of Fairies - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Realms of Garden Throne. In Fairy Paths of Lilac Flower. A Posing Fairy came to me - in Midnight Realms of Purple Pink. She spoke of Fairy, twist of Precious. She spoke of Faerie, hint of Gentle. In Fairy Dreams of Lilac Bud. In Fairy Ways of Fuchsia Pink. A Dancing Fairy came to me - in Moonlit Realms of Silver Light. She mused of Beauty, twist of Passion. She mused of Nature, hint of Cherished. In Fairy Homes of Midnight's Bright. In Fairy Runes of Silver Glyph. A Guiding Fairy came to me - in Cosmic Realms of Heaven's Body. She shone of Ethereal, twist of Power. She shone of River, hint of Way. This Fairy Portal - of Midsummer Night's Dream! Where did the Portal lead? To Fairyland of course :) Titania's Palace and her, Masquerade Ball ... There be Dancing Fairies, with Light of Foot. There be Singing Fairies, with Choirs of Bird. There be Hover Fairies, with Sweet of Nectar. There be Skipping Fairies, with Pots of Gold. There be Flying Fairies, with Scent of Pollen. There be Swimming Fairies, with Fountains of Fun. For at Titania's Masquerade Ball, can you find the Fairest of the Fairy Folk :) There be Flower Fairies and Animal Fairies. There be Glitter Fairies and Element Fairies. There be Dream Fairies and Wedding Fairies. For at Titania's Masquerade Ball, can you find both Fairy Verse, and Fairy Rhyme. As it is, with the Writings of this Silver Pen - the Fairy Glyphs, revealed in Moonlight. What did they say? With Curves in Shape and Precious Eye - Titania, Queen of Fairyland. With Wings in Pair and Flutter Wink - Titania, Madam Butterfly. With Chains in Hold and Snowdrop Gem - Titania, Heaven's Scent. With Foils in Purple and Whitened Cheeks - Titania, Fairy's Glamour. With Flowing Hair and Darkened Eye - Titania, Fairy's Lore. With Spells in Cosmic and Guiding Light - Titania, Will-o'-the-wisp. Hows that you say? With Flutter Wing and Flutter By, these Guiding Lights spoke to me - of Fairy Portal. With Hover There and Wait for Me, these Bobbing Lights called to me - of Fairy Door. With White of Wing and Glowing There, these Butterflies flew to me - an Invite to a Ball! So it was indeed, with one step forward I came to be - at Titania's Palace and her, Masquerade Ball :)

05/05/2016 | Victorian Hawk | Web: US | About Fairyland

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