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Mythical Creatures - A Dragon's Realm of Fantasy

Mythical Creatures 'inhabit the minds' of kids and adults alike - whether you're a daydreamer, or an artist or an author. They can be found within the 'pages of the book' you're reading, or the 'frames of the film' you're watching. They may also be found within your favourite computer game - where you can 'adopt the role' of a Mythical Creature. Whichever Fantasy Realm you find them in, they may not always have gone 'by the name of Dream'. For many Mythical Creatures, are believed to have inhabited the Earth. In any case, welcome to the Fantasy World of Victorian Hawk ...


Western Dragon - with orange red skin and powerful wings, standing breathing fire!

These are the oldest Mythical Creatures in the World. There are many incarnations, but all fall into two basic types: Eastern Dragons and Western Dragons. Within the Fantasy Realm of Victorian Hawk, you shall also find a third: that of the Victorian Hawk Dragon himself (an Eastern Western hybrid).

Eastern Dragons

Eastern dragons are aligned to one of the elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water or Spirit). They can feature the gentle qualities of a particular element - but in times of war shall accompany men and Elves on the battlefield. They tend to have long elongated bodies, and some even have the ability to assume human form. They are always associated with the higher kingdoms of wisdom.

Western Dragons

Western dragons are far more benevolent: huge ill-tempered beasts that owe allegiance to no race. They almost always 'breathe fire' have many pointed teeth, tough armoured sides and powerful limbs - 'all of which' allow them to grind castles into the ground. They may also fly - and the 'kidnapping of damsels' is a favourite past-time.

Victorian Hawk Dragon

Twisting through the 'Rivers of Time' flies an Eastern Western dragon - that's aligned with the Elements of Five:

Victorian Hawk Dragon - An Eastern Western hybrid (with traits of both).

In the depths of the Forests, in the roots of the Trees - with the power of Nature, this dragon shall be found: Green Earth. In the strengths of the Castle, in the foundations of the World - with the intelligence of Creation, this dragon shall be found: Grey Air. In the desires of the Heart, in the lusts of the Battle - with the passion of Love, this dragon shall be found: Red Fire. In the timeless of the Seas, in the beauty of the Arctic - with the depths of the Ocean, this dragon shall be found: Blue Water. In the wisdom of the Old, in the determined of the Young - with the knowledge of the Wise, this dragon shall be found: Golden Spirit.

Dragon Traits

All Dragons are hoarders of treasure (ranging from gold through to butterflies) and may live any place they wish (on account of their size!). In recent times, some dragons may have retreated to the darkest places of the Earth (including caves and ruined castles). Yet other Dragons (such as Victorian Hawk) can be found within their Realms of Fantasy, still 'hoarding their treasure' of Fantasy Write. In any case, there is one detail you can be sure of: all Dragons shall endure 'to the end of time'.

Dragons also feature in Chinese astrology: where such individuals exude confidence and are prone to fiery outbursts!

Dwarfs - Dragon Hunters

Dwarf - ready for battle with his long orange beard.

These squat folk have always been interested in the treasures of the earth (especially their Quest to find Rock Dragons - the ancient architects of Earth's hidden Realms). As such, they have dug vast underground kingdoms in the search of precious metal and stone (as are laid by Rock Dragons). Such kingdoms never see the light of day - but have a beauty all of their own: vast pillars embedded with gems that rise from highly polished marbled floors to gold laced ceilings that twinkle with starlight. In recent times, dwarfs have been forced to become proficient fighters: since their kingdoms have crossed into that of black dragons and ancient spiders. Because dwarfs spend most of their time underground, they have grown to reflect the unyielding rock - and are very stubborn!

Elves - Dragon Allies

Elf - with her long blonde hair blowing softly in the wind.

The helpers of Santa are not the original view of Elves. Elves are instead 'a far older race' that feature in the past of many cultures. They are fine boned, have silken locks, equal to men in height - and are surpassing to men in terms of spirituality (owing to the fact that they live in harmony with nature). They can chat with the animals (from 'Woodland critters' through to Dragons themselves - as all Elves know 'Dragon tongue'), talk to the trees (even the 'oldest of the old') and run with the horses (even those that 'gallop in the stars'). The 'purest vitae' runs throughout their veins - and they have access to ancient magic's for healing and protection (although 'Dark Elves' may use their magic for other purposes). In any case, 'Good Elves' live in mighty citadels - or high within trees. In times of war, they attack with the ferocity of the elements: using bows, swords and Elven dragons.

Yet the Victorian Hawk Dragon 'knows of more' Mythical Creatures that dwell in his Lands ...


Griffin - sitting upright with his lion head and eagle wings.

Their main role has always been as guardians. This is because in carrying the rays of the sun, they possess an amazing resilience against all forms of evil. Do not think to entice one of these away from the treasure or tomb that it guards - as it is far more likely that you would become entombed yourself. It is a hybrid creature - with only the greatest treasures warranting guardianship by the lion/eagle variation. As such, many Pharaohs still rest under their watchful eyes.


Mermaid - with her long blue hair and powerful green tail, she'll pull you under.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - and for many beholders these women have spelt doom. Too many captains have sailed 'their vessels onto rocks' whilst lost in the eyes of these ladies of the sea. Being half fish and half female, they swim up from the deadly depths to cause havoc on the surface. They often ride at the front of mighty hurricanes - reminding us all of the power of the sea. Even Elves must fight the call of a mermaid - or be dragged down to the deadly depths. Where within such depths, sub-subterranean palaces have been constructed - well beyond the reach of even the strongest man.


Serpent - wrapped around a tree, tempting you to eat that apple!

These are known as the great tempters - because of their ability to charm. Far too many people have looked into the eyes of the serpent - and fallen in. Perhaps it is to do with their affiliation with water: that element which we all need. But all too easily, we forget that this same element carved out many of the features on this ancient landscape. Their ability 'to endure' has caused them to become entwined with patience. Their ability 'to shed skins' means they shall always be entwined with transformation and renewal. Their deceptive ways (including mistaking them as an Eastern dragon) means that they are also regarded with procreation - and the ability to grant both death and life.

Of all the serpents, those that live in the sea may be the largest. They live in the greatest depths, but visit the surface from time-to-time. When they do, they entice ships off course - before dragging them to their doom.

Upon meeting a serpent, you can be sure of one fact: your life is about to fork in one of two directions.

Serpents also feature in Chinese astrology: where such individuals remain cool in any situation, and suffer an obsession with fashion accessories, all of which help to seduce and control other 'mere mortals'.


Spider - all in black with red eyes and a blue to white web.

Eight legged giants that dwell deep within the Earth - with only their youngest descendants operating near the surface. The eldest are viewed as gods, because they have the ability to weave webs of fate through time and space. The youngest spiders weave webs of imprisonment around artefacts of man - which although easily broken, can instil powerful images of ages past. All spiders retain their deadliest ability: to cause instant fear and/or respect. It is also believed that men bitten by spiders gain an important attribute: the ability to push through any task set before them. Long after man has passed, the spider shall endure.


Unicorn - looking to the left, with golden hooves, horn and mane.

These are the 'illusive father' of all modern horses. They are known to almost every culture in the world - but rarely seen. Within the wilderness, they often wander alone - and usually appear to be extremely gentle. But sometimes, they may stampede side-by-side like the crest of a mighty wave - washing away all taints of evil and corruption. As such, they are often regarded as fierce and impossible to capture. Despite this, they may also become the trusty steed of many virgin knights - and accompany them on dangerous quests for purity and kingship. They are also linked with lunar energies - and will survive till the end of times.

Mythical Creatures - More

Many more Mythical Creatures are known to Victorian Hawk. Yet whether they live 'within his Realms' or the 'Realms of another' - his favourite are the Dragons! For Victorian Hawk knows that: Dragons were here - when Trees first walked the Earth. Dragons were here - when Rain first fell from Sky. Dragons were here - when Mountains first thought of Climb. For to be a Dragon, is to 'fly high' upon the Wings of Fantasy ...

Dragon Sentinel - Dragon Land

There be those places in this Dragon Land, that still-guard, the Treasures of the Ammonite. Be Runic Glyph. Be Lavas Heat. This Dragon's Rock, with twists of Ancient. This Dragon's Spire, with curves of Tale. This Dragon's Perch, with scribes so Wise. Donned Ward of Power. Known Vault of Lore. This Dragon's Place, with watch so Sentry :) This Dragon's Tower - of Dragon Sentinel:

Dragon Sentinel - Dragon Land
Dragon Sentinel - Dragon Land

It's where the Perch's Architects drew their Lore - of Dragons Guard, and Dragons Form. It's where the Sleeping Sentinels spied their Lore - of Dragons Hoard, and Dragons Stealth. It's where the Primeval Watchers scribed their Lore - of Dragons Time, and Dragons Stone. It's where the Foundry's Blacksmiths smelt their Lore - of Dragons Arm, and Dragons War. It's where the Wisest Warlocks chant their Lore - of Dragons Power, and Dragons Myth. It's where the Element's Warriors learned their Lore - of Dragons Dream, and Dragons Muse. Where's that then? Why ... In Dragon Sentinel, of Dragon Land - but of course :) For within this Dragons Land, be thy Dragons Wards - in Midnight's Realm, a Dragons Sentinel! For only in Two Moonlit Sky, can you find the Runes - of Ancestral Dragons Past ... Thy shape of Ammonite, with Twist of Ancestor. Thy way of Tone, with Sound of Sea. Thy rise of Glyph, with Arc of Cuttle. Thy coil of Spiral, with Wind of Sea. Thy curve of Nautilus, with Thought of Lineage. Thy hint of Meaning, with Rune of Fossil ... What's that you say? A Hidden Riddle! These Passer-bys, know not for sure. These Passer-bys, know not look up. These Passer-bys, know not of Power. These Passer-bys, know not of Fire. These Passer-bys, know not of Perch. These Passer-bys, know not of He! As it is with these Dragons, and their Hidden Ways. As it is with these Dragons, and their Magic Wards. As it is with these Dragons, and their Treasured Secrets. As it is with these Dragons, and their Emerald Griffins :) But - what's that you say? He's not a Griffin! Well ... Clad in Armour, clad in Gold - Anointed Guardian, knows of you. Clad in Whisper, clad in Hush - Silent Sentry, watches you. Clad in Timeless, clad in Bound - Runic Keeper, knows of thee. Clad in Talon, clad in Barbed - Tireless Warrior, watches thee. As it is with these Western Dragons, and their Griffin's Role ... Set in Stone, Guard through Time. Cast in Iron, Watch through Age. Bed in Marble, Hard as Rock. Cast in Metal, Hot as Fire. Rest in Bedrock, Wise through Eon. Stirred in Guard, Woke through you! This Dragon Sentinel, of Midnight's Realm - revealed in Moonlight, came for you!

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Mermaid - Queen of Atlantis

In Neptune's Realm, Choir be Siren. In Atlantis Runes, Drapes be Washed. Born of Deadly and of Deep - this Mermaids Queen, Bubbles of thy Rule to Sea:

Mermaid - Queen of Atlantis
Mermaid - Queen of Atlantis

Swimming in her Undersea, thinking of thy Nets to Cast. One Barb here, one Hook there - Snatching of thy Fishes Shoal. Floating in her Temple's Verse, musing on thy Songs to Sing. One Chord here, one Pull there - Seduction of thy Sailor's Heart. Hovering in her Briny Ways, dreaming of thy Chest to Fill. One Soul here, one Bolt there - Knowing of thy Lost at Sea ... In Shimmering Veil, with Twists of Fate. In Deadly Gaze, with Turn of Tide. In Warding Stance, with Darks of Stone. This Mermaids Queen - Queen of Mystery and of Deep! A Siren's Call, with Chilled so Bone. A Siren's Call, with Waves so High. A Siren's Call, with Wrecks so Needle. This Mermaids Queen - Queen of Sunken and of Damned! From Davy Jones' Locker - Sailors Mistress, Storms so Ravage. From Davy Jones' Locker - Sailors Goddess, Serpents so Rule. From Davy Jones' Locker - Sailors Bane, Kraken so Deep. This Mermaids Queen - Queen of Conquest and of Temple! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Sights ... This Mermaids Queen, wore Regal Gem. This Mermaids Queen, danced Whitened Wash. With Seaweed Green, came Mermaid Crown. With Spectral Form, came Mermaid Gown. This Mermaids Queen, was donned in Runes - with Silver Vines, that Spoke to Me! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Hears ... This Mermaids Queen, sung Regal Lore. This Mermaids Queen, hummed Quietened Note. With Ocean Spray, came Mermaid Tongue. With Currents Deep, came Mermaid Tune. This Mermaids Queen, was learned in Speech - with Luscious Lips, that Called to Me! For it was indeed, I'd come across her in my Sub ... This Mermaids Queen, rose Regal Guard. This Mermaids Queen, barred Ocean's Way. With Engines Snagged, came Mermaid Block. With Rudder Locked, came Mermaid Front. This Mermaids Queen, was versed in Spell - with Ocean's Trap, that Lured to Me! Temples of her Sea's Domain. Mermaids of her Empress Guard. Heralds of her Davy Jones' Locker. Mermaid ... Ruler of thy Oceans Deep. Goddess of thy Deepest Trench. Monarch of thy Atlantis Realm. Mermaid ... Commander of thy Empire's Blue. Fairy of thy Typhoon's Wave. Curator of thy Chest of Souls. Mermaid ... Sung to Me: Swim in Shallow, Swim in Deep, Swim in Sea, Swim in Ocean, Swim in Calm, Swim in Storm - but know this my Sailor, thy Boat goes Down, Swim to Me!

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Chinese Dragon - Golden Dragon - Yellow Dragon

In Dragon Steed, came Fairy Glamour - with Twist of Tale, and Runic Glyph. Donned in Yellow, donned in Tribal - came Princess Royal, and Dragon Emperor:

Chinese Dragon - Golden Dragon - Yellow Dragon
Chinese Dragon - Golden Dragon - Yellow Dragon

I like the fact that this Dragon, is full of Mystery - yet still speaks Imperial. The Mystery comes from the Glamour that exists - between this Dragon, and his Rider. The Imperial comes from the Majesty of this Dragon - which at first appears to contradict, the Tribal of the Princess. And it is here, that Steve fuels the engagement of his artwork, as I find myself wondering at the connection - between this Dragon, and his Tribal Princess. For me, it is a connection, that I find is swathed in Fairy Glamour - and is best explained, through the consideration of three points. First: there's no doubt, that this is a Chinese Dragon ... For this Dragon's head, bears two whiskers and a beard - as you would expect, of a Wizened Chinaman. This Chinese stance, is also reflected by the position of the Dragon's head (dominating the centre of the artwork), and the predominant yellow of the Dragon - as both are associated with Chinese Yin and Yang (meaning the centre of everything). Added to this, is the weight of the Dragon's highlights and tones, which both tend towards Gold - as in Ancient China, was it only the Emperor that was allowed to wear such Golden Attire (as in Dragon Symbols made of Golden thread). Second: there's no doubt, that this is a Tribal Princess ... She is adorned with Runes (especially upon her face), that suggest to me, that she is a part of a Ruling Dynasty. Added to this, is the fact that her left-arm/shoulder is covered in Tattoos - and we start to feel, that she's some kind of Warrior. This believe is in-turn, refined by the Robes of the Regal (her Purple Gowns), which makes me feel that she's some kind of Warrior Princess - who perhaps has Magical Powers, owing to the stance of her arms. But here do I find a contradiction with/to the Dragon. For this Princess does not in-fact, speak to me at all, of a Traditional Chinese Lady - especially in terms of her appearance! Third: when the Dragon and the Princess are taken together - there's no doubt, that were in the Realms of Fairy Glamour ... For if we follow the Curves of the Princess's hair (the highlight browns), then we see that the top-right of the Dragon, also has similar Braids of hair (albeit on a larger scale) - which I feel, are akin to the Grounding Roots of this Dragon and his Kin. If we then follow the Runes of the Princess's Tattoos, then we see that the Dragon, is also adorned in Runic Glyphs - which I feel, are akin to the Binding Bounds of this Dragon and his Kin (the Dragon's Runes goes far beyond, the simple edges of his Metallic Armour). If we then follow the Curves of this Dragon's yellow, then we find the Divine of this Princess's form - which with the Braids of this Dragon's hair (middle right), and the Patchwork of her Regal Dress (especially on her legs), spoke to me of the Spirit of this Dragon: a Golden Yellow Chinese Dragon, that knows his place, within the Roots of this Earth! For this Dragon and his Dragon's Spirit (the Princess) - spoke to me of a Chinese Element called Wu Xing (Earth), and the Wards of his Emperor :) If that were so, then I feel that Steve has used a powerful Artist's Technique - to convey the Mystery of the Imperial ... The stronger foreground tones, of the Dragon's head and Princess - both capture the Authority, and the Clarity of an Emperor. Where as the lighter background tones (towards the left of the artwork), help capture the Mysteries of an Elemental Dragon - whose Winding Tail, fades in Clarity, towards the Centre of the Earth, just as a Root would do :) Overall: an amazing Chinese Dragon, that still owes his Lineage - to the Ancestral Eastern Dragon. This Chinese Dragon, has an Eastern Dragon's body (long and serpentine), an Eastern Dragon's intelligence (knowing eyes, beard and whiskers) and an Eastern Dragon's association with one of the Five Elements (Wu Xing - Earth). In Slender Vines, with Paths of Rune - came Chinese Dragon, Emperor's Wrath!

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Drago Rosso - Eastern Western Dragon - Stefano Artibani

Here do I find a Dragon, that's just as entwined with Fairy Glamour - as is a Fairy and her Queen:

Drago Rosso - Eastern Western Dragon - Stefano Artibani
Drago Rosso - Eastern Western Dragon - Stefano Artibani

There's no doubt that this is a Western Dragon ... This Dragon is covered in Scales, whose red makes me think of the Fires of the Forge. This Dragon is covered in Barbs, whose path makes me think of the Armies of Old. This Dragon is covered in Ridges, whose gleam makes me think of the Ambitious of King. And yet, do I find that this Dragon - has just bathed in the Realms of Fairy Glamour :) For there's no doubt, that this is an Eastern Dragon ... This Dragon is contrasted in Scales, whose blue makes me think of the Cools of the Sea. This Dragon is contrasted in Barbs, whose stance makes me think of the Sirens of the Ocean. This Dragon is contrasted in Ridges, whose rise makes me think of the Lapping of the Tide. Why has Stefano done this? To pull you into his Fantasy Realm, and bring depth to his Artwork. The pull, comes from the shape of this Dragon: a backward C (donned with Barbs), that helps snake you in - to both this Dragon's head, and his Dragon's body. The depth, comes from the height of the Barbs: being taller in the top middle, rotated towards you - I feel as though this Dragon, wants out of the Artwork! Indeed, does Stefano's choice of background, play right into this effect. As with clever use of lighting, upon the cliffs on the top left, contrasted with the darkness/shadows of the cliffs lower right - does it feel as though this Dragon, has just crept around a corner. If that were so, then it's easy to see that this Dragon, has the subtleties of an Eastern - as it's forked tongue, has just been used, with the Patience of the Wise, to snare it's prey! What of Stefano's choice of colour? Given the fact that this Dragon is in the shade, Stefano has had to be careful - to avoid losing the shape of his Dragon. I feel that this has been achieved, in two specific ways. First: the choice to use predominant red scales, with contrasting blue (curving along the Dragon's back). Second: the choice to highlight both red and blue scales, upon their upper most edge - thereby bringing clarity to the dark (especially around the Dragon's eye sockets, and the top right body/neck curve). Overall: an unusual Dragon, that's reminiscent of Lizard - but with traits both Eastern and Western, that goes hand-in-hand with Fairy Glamour :) As you would expect of the Realms of the Faeries, this Dragon has one further twist - the fact that he has no Western Dragon wings! Even so, this does not diminish from the Dragon's powers - as I feel that he can fly, high upon the Magic Winds, of Dragon Rise, in Dragon Land ...

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Aurelia - The Play in Mermaid - Rachel Anderson

Happiness of this Day, and Currents of the Deep, what is it that you Sea, when this Mermaid - hovered in these Waves?

Aurelia - The Play in Mermaid - Rachel Anderson
Aurelia - The Play in Mermaid - Rachel Anderson

To the Sunlight of this Time, in the Plankton of the Shallows - with the twist of a Tale, amused Aurelia. To the flick of her Fin, in the Scales of a Fish - with the glow of the Sun, shimmered Aurelia. To the Gold of this Land, in the Pearls of Atlantis - with the glance of a Queen, smiling Aurelia. In the Eyes of these Jewels, with the Dazzle in Rainbow - two Pearls of a Shoal, Aurelia of Goldfish. I am extremely impressed, by the Fairy Glamour that's present within this artwork - as I had not expected it! First: there is a twist within the background layers of this artwork. If you look at the surface of the sea, then at first glance, does all appear to be quite calm. Yet, if we look at the Mermaid's hair, together with the rising Bubbles and Plankton - do I feel the suggestion of a strong (underwater) ocean current. This suggestion is further refined, through the sudden transition of the aquamarine, to the blues and the blacks - of an ocean's depths. It is within this ocean's blues and blacks, that Rachel achieves an impressive effect - as although there's a dramatic change in colour, it does not hamper your ability to focus on the mermaid (who brings balance to the scene). Second: When looking at the background, the rising Bubbles and Plankton, together with the waves at the top of the image - both suggest that this Mermaid, is within saltwater. Yet, if we look at the Goldfish (that surround this Mermaid), do we encounter Fairy Glamour - as Goldfish are freshwater fish! Third: Is the Glamour of two Tails and their Scales. As the shading upon the Mermaid's tail, and the shading upon the Goldfish tails - are one and the same. This is true of both the fins (with their matching highlights) and the fishes scales - which appear to be a smaller repeated-pattern, of those that are found, at the base of this Mermaid's waist. As such, I feel that there's a connection between this Mermaid and her Goldfish. What could such a connection be? Well ... I feel that this Mermaid is a Queen of Atlantis, and that her Goldfish are just a part of - the Wonders of the Deep. If that were so, then it can be said, that this Mermaid's Pearls - hold the Spirit of Atlantis, within this Sea of Seas. For in Calming blue, do I find the Trustfulness of the Sea - as this Mermaid dives, she brings Nurture to the Deep. For in predominant pink, do I find the Playfulness of the Sea - as this Mermaid swims, she brings Cuteness to the Deep. For in predominant orange, do I find the Fascination of the Sea - as this Mermaid treads, she brings Success to the Deep. For both this saltwater Mermaid, and her freshwater Goldfish - swim in Happy Content! What of the lighting of this underwater scene? Well ... Rachel has chosen to have a single (above water) light source, that fans out - as it's rays penetrate the water. In doing so, does she uniformly light - both the Mermaid and her Goldfish. As such, I feel (for the most part), that Rachel has deliberately avoided the suggestion of too much shadow (particularly upon the Mermaid and the Goldfish). Preferring instead, to rapidly-darken the water - in a way that plays with the height, that is implied by the depth of the Mermaid (within the sea). Thus, do we again encounter Fairy Glamour (between this Mermaid and her background). Overall: A powerfully simple scene - whose Bubbles give rise, to a great many ideas! There's no doubt that this Mermaid is a Queen. There's no doubt that these Goldfish implicitly trust her. There's no doubt that there's some-kind of Fairy Glamour at play (underneath the Sea). With these curves of a Mermaid, and balance of a Goldfish - Aurelia at play, Under the Sea.

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Ultramarine - Beyond the Sea - Rachel Anderson

Dolphins of Atlantis, and Spies of the Mermaids, what is it that you Sea - when you look upon a Dolphin?

Ultramarine - Beyond the Sea - Rachel Anderson
Ultramarine - Beyond the Sea - Rachel Anderson

To the Reefs of the Oceans, in the Caverns of the Seas - with a thrust of her Tail, sat Ultramarine. To the Corals of the Reefs, in the Plankton of the Caverns - with a brace of her Hands, swum Ultramarine. To the Tranquil of the Blues, in the Cream of the Pearls - with a look upon her Face, glanced Ultramarine. In the rise of the Bubbles, with the hint of a Structure - two Paths to the Soul, knew Ultramarine. I like the fact that this artwork makes use of several layers, with the added twist, that these layers are used to play with the focus. First, there is a lighter layer, which is used to light the scene - which is in stark contrast to the darker layer, which is used to ground the scene. Yet, it is only when these two layers are combined, with the first detail layers - that of the Corals, that we begin to appreciate this focus effect. I feel that this affect, is at it's strongest, at the base of the Mermaids tail - and that this affect is in stark contrast to the area of sharply focused coral, that's located to the north west, of the start of her tail. You may ask why Rachel (aka the artist), decided to play with the focus of her background? My answer would be, for one simple reason: to help simulate underwater caustics - the bending of light, as it passes through water. It's an effect that I feel adds to the clarity, of both the Dolphins, and the Mermaid. It's an effect that plays with the shading of the Dolphins. It's also an effect that helps to highlight the whites of the Mermaid. Yet, it is not the only affect at play within this artwork - for there's also the shape of the Mermaids tail. It's shape has been chosen to help pull you into the right-hand-side of the image - which itself, is combined with the rise of the Coral cliff, to help suggest the height of the Mermaid. There's also the areas of pink Coral, which have been used to help bring balance to the scene - especially in the lower left. This is also true for the dominate white within this area, which balances the whites of the Mermaids tail. I found myself thinking of Atlantis, when I noticed the rock-like structures on the left - although admittedly, these are more of a natural construct (as opposed to pillars in white). In any case, the undersea structures, have been used to bring clarity to the Dolphins - through the contrast of several well defined blues. Such clarity is also sought, within the finer details of this artwork - especially upon the head dress of the Mermaid, which I feel helps to suggest a Regal look. Such fine details, have also been used to help the scene feel more dynamic - especially through the use of rising bubbles (plus plankton). Whilst there's amazing detail within this blurry background, it still serves as a means to an end - for it does not distract from the quality of the Mermaid, nor of the Dolphins. Overall: I am impressed by the contrasting effects that are found within this artwork - and I have found myself wondering at the expression on the Mermaids face. I feel that the Mermaid is a Queen, and that the closest Dolphin has a knowing look within his eyes ... Perhaps he knows, where the Gates of Atlantis can be found? Or perhaps instead, he's just looking at you? As you ponder to yourself, what it is to be - Beyond the Sea?

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Dragon Land

Within Dreams and Fairy Tales have Dragons built their Empires ... With the Dragons in Green - came the Forests of the Earth. With the Dragons in Grey - came the Storms of the Sky. With the Dragons in Red - came the Fires of the Magma. With the Dragons in Blue - came the Gifts of the Ocean. With the Dragons in Gold - came the Shields of this Land:

Dragon Land - with a Golden Chinese Dragon, guarding the Earth
Dragon Land - with a Golden Chinese Dragon, guarding the Earth

Have you ever wondered what became of Falkor, Smaug and Tiamat? Or of all the other Fantasy Dragons that you've read about - when you close your reading book at night? Some say that's the end of the Tale ... Yet I would say - that it is, but a start. For with a flap of their Wings, do Dragons leave this Earthly Plane - flying high upon the Winds of Magic, returning home to Dragon Land! Yet, some may say - what of Dragon Myths? Fear not I say, for within Dragon Land, do the Dragons of Myth still live ... From North America comes the Sea Serpents - with a splash of their tails, do they drive the Oceans Waves. From South America comes the Quetzalcoatl - with a puff of his lungs, does he create the Clouds of the Skies. From Japan comes the Ryujin - with a mighty breath, does he pull the Tides of these Oceans. From China comes Ao Guang - with an Imperial Might, does he command the Sea Life Armies (of the East China Sea). Yet, some may say - what of Dragon Tales? Well ... Upon Dragon Planes, did the Battles of an Empire - take place ... From United Kingdom, comes Saint George's Dragon - the ravager of a humble village, that Saint George had to slay. From Ancient Greece, comes Hydra - the immortal seven headed Dragon, that Hercules defeated. Yet, some may say - what of Pendragon? Well ... Upon Dragon Scrolls, is the Knowledge of the Wise - written down ... Within Blue Moon Rising, did a butterfly hoarding Dragon - help the Prince Rupert. Within Maleficent, did a fire breathing Dragon - help the Fairy Godmother. For it is here in Dragon Land, that the Dragons still fly - up and up, upon the Endless Winds. For it is here in Dragon Land, that the Dragons still hoard - collect and collect, within their Oaken Chests. For it is here in Dragon Land, that the Dragons still grow - stronger and stronger, in their Grips of Fire. Yet, some may say - what of Dragon Dreams? Fear not I say, for within Dragon Land, lays your Hearts Desires ... It was not just a Dream, that the Dragons fly - upon the Winds of this World. It was not just a Dream, that the Dragons swim - through the Seas of this Earth. It was not just a Dream, that the Dragons wield - the Weapons made of Old: A Dragons Claws, a Dragons Armour and a Dragons War Cry! It was from here, that the Dragons Forged - the Axe of Draco ... With the strength of Iron (Earth). With the power of Hurricane (Air). With the passion of Heart (Fire). With the wrath of Ocean (Water). With the edge of Intellect (Spirit). With a flap of his Wings, did Victorian Hawk rise up - to Conquer a Land that had been besieged by Fantasy. With Tiamat defeated, and Pendragon respected, did Dragon Land have a King at last! For only with the Elements of Five, can a Dragon Empire - be ...

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