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Fairies - Their Enchanting Ways

Butterfly Fairy - dressed in red, sitting with her legs crossed, playing with the butterflies.

When thinking of fairies its usual to envisage tiny people dressed in Medieval/Victorian clothing, that are able to fly and cast minor spells. However, this is a 'Hollywood' view that seems to bear little relation to fairies from folklore.

For starters, folklore fairies have the ability to confuse even the most stalwart researcher - because it's hard to 'pin down' exactly what they are. Indeed, the meaning of the word fairy (from Latin) does not help us: to enchant - a state/condition/realm of enchantment.

We shall now consider several interesting points regarding fairies.

Ancient Bonds

It would seem that fairies and mankind have existed side-by-side for countless generations - and that fairies were/have been charged with looking after the natural world (woodland, lakes, mountains, etc.). In earlier times (when man was less destructive), it seems that humanity had dealings with fairies on a daily basis (even involved in trade). But because of the destructiveness of man (including his need for scientific explanations), the power of many fairies is believed to be diminishing.

Religion also attempts to explain fairies - where it seems that several faiths regard them as having been dragged out of heaven (mistakenly by Lucifer's angels), and when finding themselves unable to return - chose to settle on Earth (because they were too 'good' for hell). This in turn, gives rise to the theory that they are etheric/energy beings - with no actual physical bodies.


Flower Fairy - dressed in pink, sitting on a tree stump, holding her baby fairy in her hands.

Possibly due to their connection with the natural world, many fairies are believed to have a strong sense of justice/righteousness - which can influence their interaction with humans (i.e. making them helpful). Despite this, they can also carry out many undesirable activities, which cannot really be fully explained by their hatred of human deceit and dishonesty. These include:

  • Abductions. Possibly in a bid to replenish their ranks. In such cases, they often leave a changeling - which is identical in appearance to the abducted, but usually ill and weak; they die within a short period of time.
  • Practical jokes. You know you were reading the map correctly, but you're lost all the same.
  • Relationships. Although some humans may desire this, it's believed that such encounters are very risky (because they may feed off your life force).

There is one area that all fairies have in common: glamour. Here they play on the weaknesses of the human mind: (e.g.) showing you rivers of gold - when all you're really seeing is a dried up river bank. Further to this, glamour can also give rise to effects such as these: paralysis, confusion and delusion.

Possible Classifications

Mushroom Fairy - sitting on a rock, with her head inclined, holding a mushroom umbrella.

It's hard to classify the unknown; however the following serves as a starting point:

  • Communal. The masses that are believed to dwell in/around low hills, mounds, underground and undersea. It is here that species such as elves, dwarfs and goblins are believed to come from. It is also here that you may find Kings and Queens - who rule over all fairies (including other types). It is believed that some of these feature complex and deeply hierarchical societies (with their own customs and lore).
  • House. Typically live in your house or even in that tree at the bottom of your garden. It is believed that this type is responsible for a fair amount of your household's fortunes - so it's wise to show them respect. On the other hand, they don't tolerate laziness and could get up to all kinds of mischief (e.g. banging walls) until you do what they want.
  • Solitary. Just like solitary animals in most species, these may be eccentric, live in the middle of nowhere (by themselves) and are usually intolerant of humans. They may also be hairy - which can lead to easy confusion with wild animals/men.


Leprechaun - all in green, with orange hair, golden buckles and a large happy grin.

Because of the amount of differences between descriptions of fairies from around the world, it's reasonable to assume that fairies take on the form of 'whatever the local populace expects':

  • Aloja. Indigenous to Spain - they are believed to help guard the fate of human beings.
  • Bannik. They are believed to be the guardians of Russian bathhouses, ponds and saunas.
  • Banshee. It's regarded as an ill omen to see/hear one of these - since it is believed they foretell the death of an individual (family member).
  • Cailleach Beare. A guardian in certain parts of Ireland - she is thought to appear as an old crone, which if kissed - turns into a young maiden and offers Kingship of the land.
  • Cwn Annwfn. Indigenous to Wales - these are fairy hounds that are believed to have the responsibility of hunting wrongdoers (such as those who have abused or offended others).
  • Huldra. Associated with Norse - these are believed to be peaceful (and beautiful) folk that look after cattle and play music.
  • Leprechaun. Indigenous to Ireland - these cobblers famously hoard their pot of gold, but can be made to give it up if you get the better of them.
  • Peri. They are associated with forest and river beings found in Persia.
  • Pisky. Indigenous to Devon and Cornwall - these folk are very territorial and often blamed for misleading travellers.
  • Tylwyth Teg. Although attractive to look at and fond of singing and dancing, this Welsh fairy folk are believed to be abductors - and human children are/were brought up to fear them.

Protection From

Evil Fairy - all in grey, with green slanted eyes, pointed ears and a twisted smile.

For those fairies whose interest in you has been far from beneficial, it may be worth trying some of these:

  • Seeking a flaw in any 'perfect vision' - as it will then crumble away. This approach relies upon the typical Achilles heel of all things fairy: 'Nothing is ever what it seems'. Despite this, you are likely to need a strong willpower to fight the illusion.
  • Employing running water (either around or in your house) - since it seems that some fairies are unable to cross it.
  • Holding an object made of iron (which is believed to dissipate fairies energy).
  • Becoming a magician - which will alter your perception of fairies - and perhaps even allow you to control them.

Fairies World

It is worth noting that fairies appear to be worldwide (or at least were) - and that various humans appear to have 'worshipped' them: building individual shrines and continuing folklore traditions for centuries. Even now, it's possible for well-respected people to claim they've seen a Leprechaun (for example) - although talking of it freely is another matter.

Fairy Gardens

One of the 'best ways' that many people are choosing 'to get closer to the fairies' is by creating their own Fairy Garden (perhaps as a way to remember a beloved pet). A fairy garden is an 'ideal way' for your imagination 'to turn a green leaf'. A simple 'tree stump' could be turned into a fairy house, with 'little windows and a door'. Another 'tree stump' could be turned into a toadstool, that's painted red 'with black dots on it'. A 'collection of rocks' could be turned into 'a fairy mine' with a spinning watermill. Another 'collection of rocks' could be turned into 'the base of a waterfall' that leads to your fairy pond. Those paving steps could become 'fairy stepping stones' on route to Fairy Bridge, with a signpost to 'fairy garden maze' - of lawn so green. But above all, may there be 'peace and tranquillity' as good fairies would appreciate your fairy garden, and perhaps 'help bring prosper' to your garden's flowers - on warm summer days.

Fairies - More

What I most love about fairies is the fact that you can have (within reason) 'any kind of fairy that you like'. If you don't like one of the established types (such as flower fairies and elemental fairies), then you can 'imagine your own' fairies. For example - you could have 'carpet fairies' or 'wool fairies'. You could have 'sea fairies' or 'beach fairies'. You could have 'star fairies' or 'art fairies'. That's part of the magic of the Fairies, as within Fairyland, anything goes ...

Fire Fairy - Egyptian Fire Fairy Assassin

In Ancient Egypt, ruled the Pharaohs - of King Tut, of Queen Bastet and Cleopatra. In Ancient Egypt, rose their Fire Gods - one Fire Phoenix, one Fire Tiger and Lava Serpent. Yet for their foes, of Empires Fall - Forged in Secret, did they make ... An Egyptian 'Fire Fairy Assassin' to slay their enemies - as they slept:

Thy 'Fire Fairy Assassin' of King Tut, Queen Bastet and Cleopatra.
Thy 'Fire Fairy Assassin' of King Tut, Queen Bastet and Cleopatra.

For King Tut had written ... That a 'Fire Fairy Assassin' would be skilled in the 'Art of Knife'. He'd train her well, in Obsidian Knives - to cut his enemies, from throat to throat. For Queen Bastet had written ... That a 'Fire Fairy Assassin' would be skilled in the 'Art of Sneak'. She'd train her well, in Paths of Cat - to creep in quite, from light to night. For Cleopatra had written ... That a 'Fire Fairy Assassin' would be skilled in the 'Art of Serpent'. She'd train her well, in Paths of Venom - to pour in flirt, from mouth to heart. And so it was ...

A 'Fire Fairy Assassin' did they make, with traits of three! A 'Fire Fairy Assassin' did they make, with wrath of three! A 'Fire Fairy Assassin' did they make, with tempers three!

But no Sarcophagus did they make, they chose instead - an 'Elemental Gate of Fire' to keep her in ... With Steps of Pharaoh 'cast in Bronze' with Spears of Army 'cast in Bronze' with Doors of Secret 'cast in Bronze'. They placed a Ward, one of each: Phoenix, Tiger and Serpent. They placed a Ward, one of each: Tut, Bastet and Cleopatra. And still - they fought her for control! In Wise of Three, they chose a Guardian - an Ancient Guardian, tweet thy Oldest of the Old: the Egyptian Owl :)

For in Ancient Egypt, was it written ... Owls do walk, in Paths of Wisdom - they know Lore of Calm: the Paths of Fire. Owls do fly, in Paths of Darkness - they know Lore of Keep: the Hearts of Fire. Owls do rest, in Paths of Death - they know Lore of Guard: the Gates of Fire. And so it was ...

For their 'Fire Fairy Assassin' would rest at ease - but grow in Power. For their 'Fire Fairy Assassin' would rest in peace - but grow in Fury. For their 'Fire Fairy Assassin' would stand and wait - but grow in Time. And so it was ... Until such time, that she be needed!

Now such time ... For then did Ancient-Modern Egypt see - a Sight of Sights :) Egyptian Fire Gates 'slowly open' - hinging back, left and right. Egyptian Wards 'slowly fade' - red to black, God and Pharaoh. Egyptian Steps 'slowly walked' - bottom to top, Egyptian Portal! As after an eternity at rest, did their Egyptian 'Fire Fairy Assassin' - awaken! She knew at once, which foes to slay. She knew at once, which paths to tread. She knew at once, which craft to use.

For in Ancient Egypt, foes are plenty ... For King Tut, she slew a War Lord - Armoured Might, he knew no weakness. Her knives were quick, within his back. For Queen Bastet, she slew a Griffin - who answered not, to Queen of Cats. Her boots were stealth, within his liar. For Cleopatra, she slew a Scorpion - he who sunk 'Thonis-Heracleion'. Her poison was deadly, within his breath. For Pharaohs here, she slew of Warriors - impressive skill, in sword and axe. Her knives were quick, across their necks. For Pharaohs here, she slew of Princes - climbing up, threatened throne. Her boots were stealth, within their beds. For Fire Gods here, she slew of Deities - rising up, threatened worship. Her poison was deadly, within their fountains. And so it was ...

For in Modern Egypt, foes are plenty ... For Pyramids here, she slew of Robbers - opening Tombs, threatened Fortune. Her knives were quick, across their chests. For Sphinxes here, she slew of Thieves - opening Heirlooms, threatened Bounty. Her boots were silent, across their floors. For Obelisks here, she slew of Raiders - deciphering Runes, threatened Underworld. Her poison was deadly, within their glasses. And so it was ...

For this 'Fire Fairy Assassin' walked within, the Paths of Samurai, and the Paths of Ninja. For this 'Fire Fairy Assassin' walked within, the Paths of Woman, and the Paths of Deadly. For this 'Fire Fairy Assassin' walked within, the Paths of Goddess, and the Paths of Immortal. For this 'Fire Fairy Assassin' walked within, the Paths of Death, and the Paths of Life. As still she does today ...

Whilst locked within her 'Gates of Fire': Watchful Owl - Wards of Fire God, Wards of Pharaoh. Biding time - waiting stasis, waiting now ...

For an Egyptian 'Day of Days' when King Tut, of Queen Bastet and Cleopatra war cry: 'we need you - arise!!!'

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Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Garden, Webs of Dew. In Fairy Realms, Paths be Wove. Born of Needle and of Weave - this Classic Craft, Fabric of thy Verse to be:

Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson
Ariadne - Labyrinth Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Sitting on her Fairy Throne, thinking of thy Curves to Shape. One Stitch here, one Stitch there - Fabric of thy Fairy's Dress. Resting on her Fairy Seat, dreaming of thy Arcs to Weave. One Curve here, one Curve there - Pattern of thy Pillow's Realm. Lounging on her Fairy Couch, musing of thy Paths to Knit. One Row here, one Row there - Parting of thy Curtain's Gate ... Dreaming of thy Garden's Path, Walking of thy Maze to Turn. Tipping of thy Padded Feet, Purring of thy Heart to Quest. Sniffing of thy Morning Scent, Knowing of thy Path so Right. Musing on thy Stepping Stone, Resting on thy Petal's Bud. Drinking of thy Silver's Nectar, Flutter of thy Wings so Glamour. Knowing of thy Garden's Scent, Sniffing of thy Branch so Right ... What's that you say! A Fairy's Heart of Labyrinth? Well now ... Woven through this Realm of Fairy. Riddled in this Fairy's Garden. Paths be trod, a Labyrinth's Arch - a Fairy Dress, of Bluebells Song :) Knitted through this Land of Feather. Spoken in this Fairy's Dream. Paths be step, a Labyrinth's Gem - a Fairy Pillow, of Turquoise Green :) Crocheted through this Bed of Stars. Runic in this Heaven's Body. Paths be traced, a Labyrinth's Maze - a Curtain's Gate, of Galaxy Orange :) What's that you say! A Fairy's Work of Labyrinth? A Fairy's Time of Day? Well now ... Woven through this Spider's Web. Rising in this Morning Mist. Riddled in this Morning Dew. Waning in this Glowing Sun. Knitted through this Garden's Patch. Growing in this Rising Heat. Spoken in this Fairy's Tongue. Quietened in this Lunar Verse. Crocheted through this Midnight's Realm. One of Milky, one of Way. Runic in these Glowing Eyes. One of Me, one of You. One of Weave, one of Knit. One of Cast, one of Bob. One of Knot, one of Throw. Ariadne ... For it was indeed, thy Greek Goddess be-spelled her Stitch: whispered to thy Yarn, purred to Bobbin Row. In Fairy Realms of Greeks and Brides, Constellations set in Stone. In Fairy Powers of Curtain's Fold, Bobbin Lights of Spells be Cast. Ariadne ... Weaver of this Thread in Time. Caster of this Bead so Fine. Mother of this Elven Stitch. Father of this Whisker Slender. Ariadne ... For it was Foreseen, thy Greek Goddess - Stitched in Time :)

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Titania - Queen of Fairies - Rachel Anderson

Fairy Glamour robes of Fine. Fairy Glamour masks of Flower. Born of Drama and of Moonlight - this Lavender Fairy, donned Mask of Fairy Queen:

Titania - Queen of Fairies - Rachel Anderson
Titania - Queen of Fairies - Rachel Anderson

In Fairy Realms of Garden Throne. In Fairy Paths of Lilac Flower. A Posing Fairy came to me - in Midnight Realms of Purple Pink. She spoke of Fairy, twist of Precious. She spoke of Faerie, hint of Gentle. In Fairy Dreams of Lilac Bud. In Fairy Ways of Fuchsia Pink. A Dancing Fairy came to me - in Moonlit Realms of Silver Light. She mused of Beauty, twist of Passion. She mused of Nature, hint of Cherished. In Fairy Homes of Midnight's Bright. In Fairy Runes of Silver Glyph. A Guiding Fairy came to me - in Cosmic Realms of Heaven's Body. She shone of Ethereal, twist of Power. She shone of River, hint of Way. This Fairy Portal - of Midsummer Night's Dream! Where did the Portal lead? To Fairyland of course :) Titania's Palace and her, Masquerade Ball ... There be Dancing Fairies, with Light of Foot. There be Singing Fairies, with Choirs of Bird. There be Hover Fairies, with Sweet of Nectar. There be Skipping Fairies, with Pots of Gold. There be Flying Fairies, with Scent of Pollen. There be Swimming Fairies, with Fountains of Fun. For at Titania's Masquerade Ball, can you find the Fairest of the Fairy Folk :) There be Flower Fairies and Animal Fairies. There be Glitter Fairies and Element Fairies. There be Dream Fairies and Wedding Fairies. For at Titania's Masquerade Ball, can you find both Fairy Verse, and Fairy Rhyme. As it is, with the Writings of this Silver Pen - the Fairy Glyphs, revealed in Moonlight. What did they say? With Curves in Shape and Precious Eye - Titania, Queen of Fairyland. With Wings in Pair and Flutter Wink - Titania, Madam Butterfly. With Chains in Hold and Snowdrop Gem - Titania, Heaven's Scent. With Foils in Purple and Whitened Cheeks - Titania, Fairy's Glamour. With Flowing Hair and Darkened Eye - Titania, Fairy's Lore. With Spells in Cosmic and Guiding Light - Titania, Will-o'-the-wisp. Hows that you say? With Flutter Wing and Flutter By, these Guiding Lights spoke to me - of Fairy Portal. With Hover There and Wait for Me, these Bobbing Lights called to me - of Fairy Door. With White of Wing and Glowing There, these Butterflies flew to me - an Invite to a Ball! So it was indeed, with one step forward I came to be - at Titania's Palace and her, Masquerade Ball :)

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Evanescent - The Butterfly in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Ammonites of these Clouds, and Eyes of the Flutterer, what is it that you Feel, when this Fairy - sat upon this Peak?

Evanescent - The Butterfly in Fairy - Rachel Anderson
Evanescent - The Butterfly in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Heavens of this Day, in the Wisps of the Vapours - with the twists of a Tail, posed Evanescent. To the Climb of this Rhyme, in the Thoughts of a Dragon's - with the souls of the Wise, mused Evanescent. To the Rocks of this Realm, in the Seas of the Angels - with the whispers of a Queen, dark Evanescent. In the Spiral of his Thoughts, with the hidden of a Riddle - two Flutters of Mind, Evanescent and Reign. I am impressed with the fact, that Rachel has chosen at least, two themes for this artwork - and that each theme, is in balance with the other. I feel that the first theme, is that of Guardianship. For I detect, three sets of Eyes looking at me - the Fairy's (indirectly), the Dragon's (directly), and in true Fairy Glamour, those large Eyes at the top of the Butterfly wings! Of these, it seems as though the Butterfly's are the most dominant - as I feel as though, they are winking at me :) In doing so, do these Butterfly's Eyes - bring balance to the upper half of the image, as their bounding darkness (aka black), offsets the lighter tones of the clouds, that rise throughout the image. And in doing so, does Rachel achieve an important effect - she brings height to her Fairy :) I feel that the second theme, is that of a Quest to Climb. This Dragon's Tail, wraps around this Fairy's legs - which both spirals me up, and into the centre of the artwork. Yet that is not all, for does the shape of the Mountain, and the angle of this Fairy's legs (and her dress) - both work together, pulling me upwards, and into the centre of the artwork. Why has Rachel done this? To ensure that this Fairy, is the focal point of your eyes :) Indeed, is this a powerful effect to achieve, whilst maintaining balance within the artwork - because of this Fairy's, darker skin tone. Rachel has added balance, to allow you to focus on the Fairy, by darkening the shades of the Mountain. The Mountain itself, plays right into - this Dragon's Riddle. What possible reason could there be, for the Mountain to be covered in Ammonites? It seems to me, that this Dragon's Tail, reflects the Curves of the Ammonites - as does the Dragon's colour. It also seems to me, that this Dragon's Wings are the same as Fairy's Wings - with similar shades and patterns (albeit on a different scale). Thus is there a connection, between the Ammonites and the Dragon, and between the Dragon and the Fairy. That connection is the Mountain. It's the Roots of the Fairy, and the Roots of the Dragon. It shows their Ancestral past. It shows their Celestial future. What of Rachel's choice of colour? Except for the browns of the Fairy, and the whites of the Dragon, I detect two shades of a primary colour - that of Purple. The darker Purple, is found upon this Fairy's dress, which together with the whispers, found upon her Fairy Wings - speak to me of Royalty. Perhaps she is a Fairy Queen? Whether a Queen of Elements, or a Queen of Butterflies - I cannot say ... Perhaps both? On the other hand, does the lighter Purple, the Lavender - speak to me of both the delicate, and the refinement of this Fairy and her Dragon. This Fairy Queen, may very well sit upon the Mountain Top - but in Gusts of Wind, has she fought her way, to be at the Apex of both her, and her Dragon's Power. Overall: An unusual scene of Fairyland, that shows more connections - between Dragon's and their Fairies. I love the fact that Rachel has chosen to represent, a different Fairy to what we might expect to encounter, at the tip of a Mountain, and at the base of the Clouds. As this Fairy Roots on Mountain, the Foundation Power of Dragon Kin, brought her a Scene - Evanescent plus Eye.

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Luminescent - The Moonlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Ammonites of this Time, and Ferns of the Ageless, what is it that you Sea, when this Fairy - sat upon these Stones?

Luminescent - The Moonlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson
Luminescent - The Moonlight in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Moonlight of this Night, in the Stars of the Cosmos - with the shape of a Rune, read Luminescent. To the Loops of this Scroll, in the Writings of a Dragon - with the glow of the Lunar, shone Luminescent. To the Stones of this Land, in the Hidden of this Realm - with the speak of a Moonstone, showed Luminescent. In the Curves of his Tongue, with the hint of a Meaning - two Spirals of Thought, Luminescent and Wise. I feel that this artwork is full of hidden meanings, that stem particularly, from the mystery - of the Glowing Runes. Such hidden meanings, are dependant upon - both the Moonlight of this scene, and the position of the Dragon. As such, it seems to me, that this Dragon shares with this Fairy - the secrets of a Dragon's Tale. I speak in Elven: the magic of the Moon, and of it's Lunar Verse. The Moon is the Key, which unlocks this Dragon's Tale. It empowers the Runes, which glow in turquoise, and link themselves in colour - to this Dragon's Tail. I speak in Dwarven: the masters of Stone, and hammerers of these - Lunar Scribes. The Stone is a medium, which contains this Dragon's Glyphs. It's colours in grey, contrast the Runes - that trace out a Path, reminiscent of spiral plus curve (the Dragon's Tail). I speak in Dragon: the Seers of this Language, and Wards of this - Dragon Land. The Language is Art, which contains this - Dragon's Verse. It's words link the Runes, which give height to the scene, and bring balance to the centre of this - Fantasy Dream. What of this Dragon's Tale? Well ... When I look at the base of the ground (at the bottom of this Fairy's Dress), did I notice the Curves of the Ancient - that of a long gone Sea Creature: the tell-tale-shapes of Ammonite. Perhaps indeed, there's a connection - between this Dragon and the Ammonites. What could such a connection be? Well ... I feel as though were looking at the Dragon's past. Perhaps this Dragon was once an Ammonite? If that were so, then it seems as if, these Waves of Rune-light, have pulled back the Tide - to give us a glimpse, of what once had been! I find it hard to say, whether the Fairy has noticed these Ammonites or not - as her gaze would appear to be, just for the Dragon and his Runes. As such, I feel that the Stones and their Runes, are Keys to the Past - both Dragon and Land. And yet, if we look at the Ferns (at the base of this image), is there a twist - of Fairy Glamour! For in the green of the Ferns, tinted by Moon - do I foresee, Pastures of New. What could such Pastures be? Well ... If we look at the Wings of this Fairy, then it is easy to see - that both their shape and their colour, are the same as Dragon Wings! If we also look, at this Fairy's hair - then at first glance, does it Shimmer of Old. Yet, with a look at her skin - does this Fairy's hair, Shimmer of New. Thus, do I feel that these Pastures of New, are reminiscent of Butterfly (the shape of the Fairy plus Dragon Wings), together with the White of the Moon: the Magic of Fairy to be found, at the rise of this - New Moon! The never ending cycle of Moonlight - that sees both Butterfly and Dragon, uncoil and fly this Night. Overall: An exciting Fantasy scene, that speaks of Moonlight - within the context of a Dragon's Tale. I love the way that Rachel has captured the authority of the Dragon - it's as though this Fairy has settled down, to be charmed by this Bedtime Tale. As this Fairy Dreams of Sleep, the gentle Wisps of Dragon Power, showed her a Scene of - Luminescent plus Tail.

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Serenity - The Calming Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Butterflies of this Thought, and Kingdoms of the Sleepy, what is it that you Dream, when this Fairy - nestled in these Boughs?

Serenity - The Calming Fairy - Rachel Anderson
Serenity - The Calming Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Woodland of the Earth, in the Roots of the Trees - with the speak of the Timeless, slept Serenity. To the Curls of his Tail, in the Dress of a Fairy - with the mind of a Cat, purred Serenity. To the Troughs of this Land, in the Moors of this Realm - with the flutter of a Breeze, dreamt Serenity. In the Sleep of this Willow, with the hint of a Wisp - two Whiskers of Friend, Serenity and Purr. I feel that this artwork has a calming effect upon my soul. I suspect that this is because of it's clever use of blue - both upon this Fairy's dress, and upon the Woodland fog. The blue of the Fairy's dress is used to great effect, as it is responsible for much of the light (of this Fantasy scene). When combined with the blue of the fog, do I feel that Rachel achieves, two powerful effects. First: she creates a night-time scene (where this Fairy rests), but within the magic of a Woodland Realm - the Moors of this Fairyland! Second: she brings balance to the scene, through the suggestion of height, which allows me to focus - on this magical Fairy. I also feel, that Rachel has made use of Fairy Glamour, within two specific places. First: glamour upon this Fairy's wings, which could also simply be, a butterfly resting, upon the back of this - Woodland Queen. Second: glamour upon this Fairy's cat, whose shape seems to mirror, the path of this Fairy's dress (when flipped left to right). As such, I feel that there's a link, between the embroidery of her dress, and the whites of her cat. For it feels as though, this embroidery pulls you down, and in doing so - is it akin to Fairy Dust, where perhaps this Fairy, is something of a shape-shifting cat? If that were so, then the blacks of this cat, are used to suggest, further connections - both in terms of shading, and in terms of balance. For example, if we take the black of this Fairy's eyelids, together with the black of her butterfly wings - then not only is the shading the same (blurred around the edges), but it is used to create a balanced group of three (that appears to be at the same level in the artwork). What of the colour magenta? Well ... I find it interesting, that it is used in two specific places - towards the top of the butterfly wings (in darker tones), and towards the front of this Fairy's hair (in paler tones). As the shading of this Fairy's hair, spins you down - so do I detect, the faintness of magenta, upon the lower-half of this artwork (especially on the bottom left). As such, I feel that the colour magenta, has been used to suggest the existence of a second light source! If that were so, then it's a light source - that seems at home, within the Moors of this Fairy Realm. What of the finer details? Well ... This Fairy's skin, is refined through the inclusion of a necklace, and two bracelets. In Paths of Two, I feel that these necklaces, are akin to - Paths of Power. The glitter upon these necklaces, matches the embroidery upon her dress, which in turn - casts Fairy Dust upon this scene of Fairyland! Overall: an adventurous theme was chosen for this Fairy and her Cat. It's one of Peace - and of Rest. It's one of Sleep - and of Snore. It's one of Magic - and of Dream. Running through the Woods this night, dreaming of a Path to take, the bobbing of the Light this night. The flutter of my Wings this night, the breezing of the Windless flight, the guiding of the Light this night. The bending of a Bough this night, the rising of a Light so bright, Will-o'-the-wisps guide this night - Serenity, and much delight.

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Iridescent - The Rainbow in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

Dragons of this Palm, and Keys of the Fairies, what is it that you Dream, when a Fairy - looks you in the Eye?

Iridescent - The Rainbow in Fairy - Rachel Anderson
Iridescent - The Rainbow in Fairy - Rachel Anderson

To the Forests of the Earth, in the Roots of the Leaves - with a poise of her Form, stood Iridescent. To the Curls of his Tail, in the Hands of a Fairy - with the look of a Dragon, thought Iridescent. To the Portal of this Land, in the Colours of a Rainbow - with the Jewel of a Crown, stared Iridescent. In the Pulse of this Portal, with the hint of a Wave - two Wisps of a Tale, Iridescent of Dragon Land. I love the fact that there's a link, between the two main layers of this artwork, and that this link only makes sense when it is viewed as a whole. First, there is the background layer - which combines Foliage of the Earth, with Portal of the Faerie ... On this layer, I feel that the foliage represents the natural grounding of the Earth, whilst the portal suggests a Flight of Fantasy. Second, there is the layer with the Fairy and her Dragon - which combines Devotion of the Royal, with Calming of the Mythical ... On this layer, I feel that the purple dress is indicative of a Fairy Queen, whilst the Dragon in blue - is suggestive of a Dragon at ease. Yet, it is when these two layers are taken together, that the link - explains itself ... For I feel that this Fairy is a Dimensional Queen, who by looking into Dragon's Eyes - opens Fairy Portal. I feel that the Dragon is in command of this portal, and that this portal has the ability to play with Fairy Glamour ... There's glamour at the edge of the portal - as at first glance, do I see the waves of a Nebula (especially on the top left and right), which could also simply be, the branches of an over-hanging canopy. There's glamour at the centre of the portal - as I feel that it's a daylight sky (with clouds of white), as opposed to night (that's implied by the rest of the image). There's glamour in the portal's Moon - for although there's Moonlight, could this not be, a key to Dragon Land? If that were so, then it seems, this Fairy's Wings - are poised for flight ... Perhaps indeed, within this Dream, does this Fairy turn - and fly to Dragon Land? For here do we find the twist in Faerie ... With a flap of her wings, do we foresee - that the colours, and the shades upon this Fairy's Wings, are the same as Dragon Wings! Perhaps indeed, this Fairy and her Dragon - are akin to each other? If that were so, then Rachel's use of red (upon the two Ruby Jewels) only strengthens this idea - of Fairy Dragon. In doing so, I feel that Rachel chose her colours wisely - to suggest both hidden links and meanings ... For example, it is here in stimulating blue, that we find both Loyalty and Trust - between the Fairy, and her Dragon. It is also here in tantalising purple, that we find both Creativity and Mystery ... For in Fairy Dress, with highlight tones, and depths of shadow - does Fairy speak, ambitious Folds! Yet, there is also another link between Iridescent and the colour purple ... For in delicate Lavender, do I find the flowers at the bottom of her dress - which remind me of the delicate in Fairy (as implied by the poise of Iridescent's left hand). Overall: A stunning Fairy of the Moonlight Realms - whose gaze speaks both of Dragon, and of Dragon Land. I especially love the Fairy Glamour (that's present within this artwork) - both upon the background, and between the Fairy and her Dragon. To this Dragon Land, with Flaps of Wing, I thought of - Iridescent and Me ...

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Andromeda - The Fairy in Me - Rachel Anderson

Dragons of this Land, and Friends of the Fairies, what is it that you See, when you look upon this Fairy and Me?

Andromeda - The Fairy in Me - Rachel Anderson
Andromeda - The Fairy in Me - Rachel Anderson

To the Stars of the Cosmos, in the Windows of the Sky - with a flick of her Hair, Andromeda drew my Eye. To the Twinkle of the Stars, in the Heart of the Galaxy - with a shimmer of her Gaze, Andromeda caught my Eye. To the Portal of this Way, in the Dreams of this Thought - with a smile of a Queen, Andromeda stole my Eye. In the Dusts of this Nebula, with the hint of a Wisp - two Spirals of Thought, Andromeda and Me! My heart was seduced by the colours of this artwork ... I feel that the purple suggests both nobility and power, as expected - of a Fairy Queen. I also feel that the blue captures the eternal spirits of both Andromeda, and of her Dragon, whilst at the same time - being indicative of a Fairy at rest. Yet, it is when the blues are combined with the whites of the stars, together with the purple wisps (around the window edge) - that an interesting effect is achieved. The ability to pull you into the centre of the scene - the Fairy and her Wings. Perhaps indeed, this fairy stands before a portal to Fairyland ... If that were so, then Rachel's choice of Turquoise - upon the dragon and the wings, plays right into the hands of Fairy Glamour. For, if my eyes do not deceive - it's just possible, that those Fairy Wings could also belong to Fairy Dragon! Yet even then, do we find another twist - that of Fairy Tail, or should that be, that of Dragons Tail? In either case, I have found myself impressed by the quality of the shading - especially upon her Victorian dress/skirt. For it is here, that both highlights and shadows, have been successfully combined - to create the many undulating folds of fabric. With a step back, do we turn our eyes, to the colour of this Fairy's skin. For it is here, that both highlights and darker tones, have been loving combined - to create the illusion of softness plus curvature. I find it amazing, that the Fairy's skin colour, seems a part of the scene - as opposed to being disjoint. I suspect that this has been achieved, through the clever use of highlights, and of lightening tones - especially for those that are found within the Nebula, and upon the Victorian corset. With a step back, do we realise that a relationship exists between Rachel's choice of colours. With a further step back, do we realise that such a relationship is not just confined to the larger areas of this artwork - for if you look closely, you can see a connection between the colours of the necklace, and of the fairy plus dragon eyes. In doing so, I feel that this Fairy speaks of harmony - and of the calming nature of this Fairyland Cosmos. What of the scenes background? Well ... For the most part, this is plain and simple - yet it is used, to powerful effect. To mask both the complexity of the Nebula, and preserve the detail of the Fairy. It is also used to bring light to the scene - especially around the window edge, which helps to create the illusion, that the Nebula is causing much of the light. Overall: An impressive Dark Fairy, who has more to do with the Pixie Dust of the Cosmos - rather than the darker side of Faerie. I love the fact that this Fairy embodies the Powers of Creation, whilst also having a Fantasy Dragon as her friend. To this Fairyland, with Eyes of Dreams, I thought of - Andromeda and Me ...

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Within Fairy Tales and Make Believe have Fairies built their Kingdoms ... With the Fairies in brown, came the Bark of the Trees. With the Fairies in green, came the Leaves of the Grass. With the Fairies in yellow, came the Flowers of the Plants. With the Fairies in white, came the Lights of the Forest. With the Fairies in Dress, came the Queens of this Land:

Fairyland - with a Fairy Queen kneeling within the Woods - with Buttercup Fairies flying around her.
Fairyland - with a Fairy Queen kneeling within the Woods - with Buttercup Fairies flying around her.

Have you ever wondered what is that you feel - when you step inside a Wood? Some might say that is but your Imagination ... Others might say that they see no change at all. Yet I might say, that you have travelled to a Magical Place, where it feels as though the Woods are watching you ... Where it feels as though your in Another Realm - where your not quite alone ... Perhaps indeed, you may find yourself, at where the Fairies built their Oldest Kingdom: the Woodland Realms of Fairyland! For in Fantasy Books and Fantasy Films, did the Seeds of Fairyland take hold. It's where Frodo met Old Man Willow. It's where Tom Bombadil saved the day. It's a Musical Realm - where not all play the Pipers Flute ... There be Buttercups and Bluebells. There be Daffodils and Marigolds. There be Lilacs and Violets. For within Fairyland, do the Fairies grow their Glamorous Plants! It's a Travellers Realm - where not all play the Jesters Prank ... There be Paths of Lost and Paths to Find. There be Trees in Hollow and Trees so Tall. There be Water so Still and Water so Flowing. For within Fairyland, are the Fairies a one with Nature! Yet, what of Fairy Music? With a knock upon a Door, do the Garden Fairies - dance in Tune. With a kneel upon the Grass, do the Flower Fairies - fly in Rhythm. With a gaze upon a Lake, do the Water Fairies - rain in Time. Yet, what of Fairies that live within the Realms of Fantasy Books? Well ... When you read upon a Book, does each page - Flap upon the Wind! For when your books finished for the night - does a Fairy, fly home to Fairyland. It may seem a Journey too Long, but to the mind of a Fairy - it is but a Dream! Yet, what of Fairies that love to Tinker? Fear not I say ... There's a Castle in the Woods so Near. There's a Drawbridge in the Woods so Far. There's a Swan Ship in the Rivers so Stream. For within Fairyland, lay the Roots of Invention and the Trunks of Construction! Yet, what's that you say? What of Fairy Portals? Well ... There be Fairy Arches and Fairy Mazes. There be Fairy Toadstools and Fairy Rings. There be Fairy Dreams and Fairy Games. For within Fairyland, do all Paths lead - to Fairy Tree! Some may say it's in your Heart. Some may say it's all around You. Some might say that there is no such Place. But ask a Fairy what she thinks of that! For she will know where the Fairy Tree is ... It's at the Bottom of a Garden. It's at the End of Stepping Stones. It's in the Oaken Owl Home. It's at the Bottom of a Lake. It's in the Start of Climbing High. It's in the Pebbles that form a Mountain. Where's that you say? To which I would reply: Three Stars left, and one to the right, along multi-coloured Rainbow, under the Water Fall, past Sunken Boat and with a Hop, Skip and Jump, in Fairyland shall you be!

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