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Where has the Victorian Hawk Dragon been? In August 2017, the creator of Victorian Hawk 'rode a zip wire' which gave him 3 slipped discs! It was a 'Path of Fate' which had turned my artist's ambition 'into solid stone' - as within a week, I could hardly move. Whilst I 'struggled to admit it' my multiple slipped discs injury 'meant that, I could no longer draw'. This 'hit me hard' (especially at the time) - as I had been finishing my 'Fire Fairy - Egyptian Fire Fairy Assassin' (digital artwork). With an 'iron will' I pushed on to write about her, but I couldn't deny the fact 'that I was badly injured'. It was a 'life changing back injury' that was akin to me being in the 'Realms of Hell' - no more drawing, no more tablet and no more colouring. I just 'had to accept it' as trying to draw 'always hit' my slipped discs. Yet within this 'Bad Back Hell' did I begin to feel that 'all is not lost'. For when I looked closely at thy 'element of fire' did I realise that 'fire NEVER gives up'. It's what fuelled my artist's ambition. It's what fuelled my websites programming. It's what fuelled my fantasy writing. For only in the 'hottest fires of the deepest Hell' did I find my soul's resolve: I will not bow to thee 'I fight thee with fire'!

Slipped Disc Help - Through Hell and Back

Have you slipped a disc in your back? Feeling like your life's 'gone down the pan'? Then this book is for you, not because I'm a doctor, but because I've been through this wound-injury three times, and I've found 'what works'. It may work for you to :) At the very least, by reading it, you'll know one thing: you're not alone. Others have been before you!

Slipped Disc Help - Through Hell and Back
Slipped Disc Help - Through Hell and Back

In ten years, I've had three bouts of slipped discs (eight slipped discs in total). Being someone, who's used to being out running, swimming and cycling 'all the time', having a slipped disc (or three!), really gets in the way of your life, and inter-fears with your training routine! This book is meant to help you, through the 'darkest days' of injury, and help you 'get your life back'.

Where can you find the 'element of fire' within your slipped disc injury? It's in that 'burning sensation down your left leg' which feels as though 'you're being cooked on a barbecue'. It's in that 'burning sensation in your left foot' which feels as though 'there is a rocket engine about to take off'. It's in that 'burning singularity deep inside your spine' which feels as though 'you have a star in there, about to go supernova'. For this 'element of fire' made me feel that 'I was in Hell, surrounded by a Wall of Fire'. Wherever I turned within my life 'I felt pressure from that fire'. Whatever I did within my life 'I felt agony from that fire'. Whichever I tried within my life 'I felt torture from that fire'. For each and every 'long fiery month' that went by (on my 'road to recovery') - all I could see 'was that Wall of Fire'. I worried that 'I had fallen so far down into Bad Back Hell' that I would be unable to 'draw Fantasy again'. Yet ... Even the 'deepest darkest caverns of Hell' have a bottom - it's where I 'dug my feet in' defiant to the last! I said to myself: I may be 'rock bottom' in my life 'right now' but ... ROAR!!! As I realised that the 'element of fire' also inspires! It's what got me 'struggling out of my bed' in the morning 'for another hellish day'. It's what got me 'hobbling down the stairs' to get my breakfast 'for another day in Hell'. It's what got me 'going to the bathroom' even though I knew 'even more Hell'. For the 'power of fire, works its magic' - as it changes you from a 'saddened moaning Angel' into a toughened 'Fire Fairy Assassin of many slipped discs'.

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